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'One Tree Hill' Recap: 'Letting Go'

April 1st, 2009 10:11am EDT
One Tree HillA fiction-based show is usually given a title to represent the theme of that week's episode. It can be metaphorical, symbolic or simply literal. Monday night's episode of "One Tree Hill" featured a label entitled "Letting Go." But which storyline or scenario could this have referred to?

Despite fears of the impending baby and Peyton's health, Lucas treated Jamie and Nathan to a day at Keith's old body shop. Now owned and remolded by a different company, it was sad to see the place devoid of Keith and his original auto body shop name. While Jamie bounced excitedly around the shop, Nathan revealed his concerns about Jamie after Dan admitted to him that he had killed Keith. Lucas does his best to explain the good, loving man Keith was, insinuating that everyone has a little bit of him in them. After it was time to leave, Jamie delivered the heart wrenching, yet cheesy thematic line of the episode: Claiming he loved the body shop because it was a place where broken things came to get fixed.

After the insensitive, cold-hearted Tree Hill Principal Rimkus fired Haley for standing her ground, Haley's former third period English class held their own ground by crashing Haley's house. Led by Jack and Sam, the class demanded they learn something positive after finding out each person received a D or F on their papers. With the knowledge that her kids would not leave, Haley spent the next hour on Catch 22, only to be interrupted by Rimkus. With the kids sent back to school, the principal told Haley to stop by and pick up the rest of her belongings. As she did so, the principal came to her senses and realized the mistake she had made. Attempting to offer Haley her job back, Haley informed Rimkus she had made a good teacher not want to teach and good students not want to learn. In the meantime, Haley looks to reclaim a spot in the music industry with a new record and producer of Mia's upcoming material.

One Tree Hill

To Brooke's surprise, Julian handed her two plane tickets for Sam and her to accompany him back to California. Catching her off guard, Brooke sought the advice of P. Sawyer and Chase. Both told her to let go and follow her heart. With Sam's encouragement and support, Brooke contemplated her decision. Unfortunately, the fashion designer arrived at the airport only to inform Julian she was staying in Tree Hill. Disappointed beyond belief, Julian complied with her wishes and said his goodbye. Back at her house, Brooke crumbled to the floor. Does this mean she felt she made the wrong decision? Will Brooke forever be alone?

Skills and Mouth seem to be riding the same love boat lately, as they both attempted to heal their broken hearts. This week, Skills announced his plan to treat Mouth to a road trip to Sarah Lawrence, Mouth's alma mater for a pajama party featuring the sexually explicit Gigi. Despite Skill's eager attempts to get his friend to cheer up, Mouth kept seeing the ghost of Millie everywhere. In turn, Skills kept his promise to mend his broken heart and drove Mouth all the way to New York to rekindle his love with the sweet Millicent Huxtable. Aw! Too predictable? Maybe, but enjoyable all the same.

So who accepted their past and current issues and who fought the urge to move on? It may be the obvious answer, but Brooke seemed to be the sole person who hasn't grasped reality and let go. Scared, guarded and defensive, the once outgoing, promiscuous girl could not be more sheltered.

Face it, fans. We have yet another three weeks until the next OTH episode. As they previewed the final five episodes of the season, we await a bleeding Peyton, a letter from Sam's birth mother, Victoria's surprise arrival, a heated sexual moment with Naley and much more. And the countdown begins!

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