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Rob Lowe's Wife Recalls Former Nanny's Improper Behavior

June 29th, 2008 10:00am EDT favorite Add to My News
Rob & Sheryl LoweRob Lowe's nanny battle has just taken a new direction - the actor's wife has filed a declaration suggesting Jessica Gibson was too familiar with her husband.

Gibson filed a lawsuit in California in April alleging Lowe placed his hand inside her "pants in order to touch her crotch" and "grabbed Gibson's buttocks without consent" several times between September 2005 to January 2008.

But Lowe's wife Sheryl insists her former nanny isn't the innocent party she's claiming to be. In her declaration, obtained by TMZ.com, Sheryl Lowe alleges Gibson "sought attention from my husband", and she recalls a family fishing trip in February that turned sour when the nanny asked the actor to run sun-tan lotion onto her back.

Sheryl Lowe recalls, "(She) asked my husband, in front of me and sitting next to me, if he would rub sun block on her. I stepped in and said no, I would do it, and that was not appropriate for her to ask him."

Sheryl also recalls another improper moment when the Lowes took their nanny with them on a trip to England in 2005: "She (Gibson) had taken a shower and walked out of her bathroom, wrapped in only a towel, dripping wet and walked down two stories (sic) to the living room area where my husband was reading. When I saw her, I told her to go to her room and put on some clothes and never do that again."

Meanwhile, two previous employees of the Lowes have come forward with further allegations against Gibson. Tennis instructor Nigel Armstrong claims the former nanny flirted with him - despite the fact he was 26 years older than her.

In documents filed on Friday, Armstrong stated Gibson removed her pants and underwear and invited the tennis coach to have sex with her even though the Lowe's sons "were in the general area".

And chef James Maclear, who worked for the Lowes from June to December in 2005, claims Gibson had an "overtly flirtatious manner".

A legal declaration filed in Santa Barbara County Superior Court on Friday alleges that within hours of meeting her, Gibson had "changed into hot pants and was laying on the kitchen floor with her legs open in a very suggestive manner."

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