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Starpulse Answers Your Burning Questions

6/27/2008 12:00pm EDT
Linda Park1.) Starpulse user nomadofsa asks, "Where can I write to Linda Park? I would like to know what films or movies is she set to do?"

Korean American actress Linda Park, famous for playing Officer Hoshi Sato on Star Trek: Enterprise, most recently starred in ABC's "Women's Murder Club." She recently traveled to Bulgaria to film "Infestation." You may be able to contact her through her official website,

The Presidio2.) angelwithhornz asks, "Why is Vanessa Anne Hudgens still on HSM3 after that nude photo?"

One word: Money. Disney generates big bucks via the "High School Musical" franchise. To dump one of its leading stars could possibly result in loss of revenue. Disney touts its squeaky clean image, but scandals often envelope its stars (see also Jamie Lynn Spears and Lindsay Lohan).

3.) claudiopi asks, "What movie or TV show did Sean Connery, Mark Harmon and Jack Warden appear in?"

Trying to stump us? They all starred in the 1988 film "The Presidio." San Francisco detective Jay Austin (Harmon) is assigned to investigate the murder of a female MP at the 212-year-old Presidio army base. Jay must interview Lieutenant Colonel Caldwell (Connery), his former commander from his military days. The two must overcome their past and present differences to track down the killer as they manage to stumble across a smuggling operation relating to the murder.

4.) michael roberts asks, "How old is JoJo?"

JoJo was born Dec. 20, 1990, in Vermont. She's 17.

5.) avril992104 asks, "What is the name of both of the lead singers of Linkin Park?"

Alternative metal group Linkin Park consists of drummer Rob Bourdon, bassist Dave "Phoenix" Farrell, MC/vocalist Mike Shinoda, guitarist Brad Delson, singer Chester Bennington and DJ Joseph Hahn.

6.) uniqangel asks, "Why don't you allow non US starpulse users not to enter in the contests?"

Prizing is from U.S. companies, and it is illegal to ship certain products, particularly video games and DVDs, out of the United States.

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