Mike MyersFunnyman Mike Myers wasn't laughing at the recent The Love Guru premiere in Australia - he was battling diarrhea on the red carpet.

The actor realized he was ill on his way to the screening earlier this month and had to stop at a number of restaurants to use restrooms before he actually got to the premiere. But his embarrassment didn't end there - he then had to try to hide his upset stomach from a fan at a pharmacy counter.

He explains, "In Australia, when you go into a drug store you actually have to talk to the pharmacist...I was looking around and I was, like, 'Hi!' 'Hello, you're Mike Myers, how are you? What can I do for you?' (I said) 'I'd like Pepto-Bismol please.' 'We don't know what that is...What is it exactly, Mike?' I was like, 'It's for tummy trouble.'"

But the confused Aussie staffmember at the pharmacy needed him to be more specific, prompting a desperate Myers to reveal he was suffering from diarrhea.

He adds, "(They said) 'How very interesting, you're a superstar with diarrhea.' I'm like, 'Hmmm, don't feel like a superstar right now.'"

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