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Kid Rock Refuses To Sell On iTunes

June 18th, 2008 10:45am EDT favorite Add to My News
Kid RockKid Rock is refusing to put his albums on internet music store iTunes - because he is not paid enough to do so.

The rocker has accused executives at owners Apple of not paying musicians enough money to sell their singles and albums through the download service.

He claims it was based on "an old system, where iTunes takes the money, the record company takes the money, and they don't give it to the artists".

He adds, "Back in the day, we all know the stories of the Otis Reddings and Chuck Berrys and Fats Dominos who never got paid.

"So the internet was an opportunity for everyone to be treated fairly, for the consumer to get a fair price, for the artist to be paid fairly, for the record companies to make some money.

"I will be on iTunes eventually because I can't avoid it, but I like to always stick to my guns and prove a point and do something original and because I believe in it."

Rock - real name Robert Ritchie - is the latest artist not to sign up to the service.

The Beatles, Garth Brooks and AC/DC have still not made their music available on iTunes.

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