How Many Sharks Have Your Favorite Shows Jumped?

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Mariah Carey"I don't have birthdays, I have anniversaries - I'm eternally 12 and that's part of the reason I'm late; because, as a 12 year old, how am I expected to get it together on time... It's in my DNA (to be late), I cannot help it." Mariah Carey attempts to explain why she was late for her first post-marriage TV interview on comedienne Ellen DeGeneres' chat show. The chat aired in America on Tuesday.

Ozzfest will be a one-day event in Dallas, Texas this summer. Ozzy Osbourne has declined to tour with the rock festival this year and will instead headline a single day event on August 9. Joining Ozzy at the Pizza Hut Park festival will be Metallica, Hellyeah, Sevendust, Serj Tankian and Korn frontman Jonathan Davis, among others.

The eldest daughter of Lorenzo Lamas is to wed British stockbroker Matt Grant after a televised proposal on the season finale of The Bachelor: London Calling. Grant picked Shayne Lamas to be his bride after a six-week dating game. The finale aired on Monday night. Lamas has two films coming out this year - Deep In The Valley and The 13th Alley.

"There are a lot of ways to approach commitment and relationships - and marriage is just one of them. I think partnerships are a wonderful thing in whatever form they take, and I definitely want that in my life, whether or not it's in the traditional sense." Single star Cameron Diaz is looking for love, but not necessarily marriage.

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