John Krasinski"If I was ever going to have a dude-crush, it would be on George Clooney. It's like a superpower - he just sucks anybody in around him." John Krasinski was awed by the attractiveness of his Leatherheads co-star and director George Clooney.

"What else is there for me to conquer? Hopefully my ego." Madonna is realistic about her career prospects.

"If I'm gonna go around telling jokes and blogging about what a phony son-of-a-bitch everyone is, I better start with myself and be grey." Roseanne Barr explains her decision to not dye her grey hair.

"I'm five foot four and so when I gain a few extra pounds, it shows. I think people just love to speculate... All I know is I want to be married before I get pregnant." Singer Fergie insists she's not expecting a child, despite reports to the contrary.

"I love Al Pacino, and I sit back and watch him in certain scenes... and this electrifying energy goes through me, and I know I can do that." Janet Jackson on her Oscar potential.

Roseanne Barr"I support her because I say, ''Hos before bros!'" Roseanne Barr explains her decision to back U.S. presidential candidate Hillary Clinton ahead of her Democratic rival Barack Obama.

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are renting their new Texas home from wrestling giant Mark Calaway a.k.a. 'The Undertaker.' The couple are living on Calaway's Cedar Creek ranch while Pitt films new movie Tree Of Life nearby. The home comes with a regulation-size wrestling ring, according to Life & Style magazine.

"We would adopt in a second. I know people who have adopted. I see no difference." David Arquette confirms he and Courteney Cox would consider adopting a child.

Former Eurythmics star Dave Stewart has joined the ranks of celebrity comic book creators after releasing his new graphic novel series Zombie Broadway in stores on Wednesday. The quirky story follows a group of zombies who help save New York City from bombing after becoming a stage hit in a musical.

"I'm going to be the best role model for my kids. And if that example helps other young, single dads who might be going through the same experiences that I am right now, it would be a great compliment." Britney Spears' ex Kevin Federline.

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