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Teri Hatcher: 'I Feel Bad Being Divorced'

March 24th, 2008 10:16am EDT favorite Add to My News
Teri HatcherDesperate Housewives star Teri Hatcher hates life as a divorcee - because she is scared her 10-year-old daughter Emerson is missing out on a stable upbringing.

The star split from her second husband Jon Tenny in 2003 when their daughter was six-years-old - and the actress is concerned about the effects their break up has had on Emerson in the four years since their divorce.

She tells Britain's Heat magazine, "It comes up with other school moms. You know, we talk. I'll get asked stuff, like, 'Is it difficult for her?' I feel horrible about being divorced. That's her life also and it's not great, having to go back and forth from her dad's."

"So I think when you have situations that sort of just are - you can't change that I'm famous - then it's really your job to concentrate on how to make this work in a positive way. We have a little rule: I don't really have pictures taken with people when I'm with her."

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