Carmen ElectraCarmen Electra is dating Korn rocker Rob Patterson. The Scary Movie star, who has previously been married to basketball wildman Dennis Rodman and Jane's Addiction guitarist Dave Navarro, admits she has a thing for men with "a little edge." She says, "I definitely have a type."

"I hear he's doing very well. A lot of people have cancer, and a lot of people pull through. Let's hope that happens." Susan Sarandon is philosophical about Patrick Swayze's pancreatic cancer battle.

"If I was just starting in this business, I'd probably have to lose 20 pounds." Former child star Christina Ricci, who recently confessed to battling an eating disorder in her teens, bemoans the pressure on women to look thin in Hollywood.

The horse wrangler on Bruce Boxleitner's new TV western "Aces 'N Eights" was the same guy who taught the actor's wife Melissa Gilbert how to ride a horse on beloved 1970s show Little House On The Prairie.

"I put on the costume, put on the headband, I grew my hair out, bleached it blonde again, I even made my eyebrows all bushy and crazy just like they were in the first one. I went to every length possible." Corey Feldman is precisely recreating his Edgar Frog character for The Lost Boys DVD sequel Lost Boys 2: The Tribe.

Good Charlotte rocker Billy Martin wed his high school childhood sweetheart earlier this month. Guitarist Martin married stylist Linzi Williamson in Malibu, California on March 1. All the guests wore black, according to Life & Style magazine.

Diddy is launching a car service to drive drunk celebrities home. The entrepreneur hopes his new venture will put an end to a spate of celebrity DUI arrests. A representative for the music mogul says, "He wants to make sure everyone's partying responsibly."

Tom Cruise"I've always known Patrick to be a good man, a fighter. We are all pulling for him and praying for a quick recovery." Tom Cruise offers his support to The Outsiders co-star Patrick Swayze, who has been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.

"I just felt very out of my league. I was sitting behind Cate Blanchett and Jack Nicholson. I kind of wanted to get out my iPhone and take pictures." Katherine Heigl was intimidated by the sheer number of A-list celebrities at the Oscars last month.

"It's Lost Boys on steroids... There's more gore, there's nudity, which there definitely wasn't in the first film. And it's modernized - everything from the wardrobe to the music to the types of bikes they're riding." Corey Feldman on "The Lost Boys" DVD sequel "Lost Boys 2: The Tribe."

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