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FBI Urged N.W.A To Stop Recording

February 18th, 2008 8:49am EST favorite Add to My News
N.W.A.Federal agents officially asked rap pioneers N.W.A to stop recording after receiving a slew of complaints about their expletive-laden lyrics. In an essay written for Flaunt magazine, group co-founder Arabian Prince reveals he and bandmates Ice Cube and Eazy-E received letters from F.B.I. officials asking them to stop releasing hardcore rap music.

Prince - real name Mik Lezan - recalls, "(They told us) to stop recording such music... Upon our arrival at every airport terminal, we received a visit from the police reminding us not to use profanity onstage in their town, or face going to jail."

But the Straight Outta Compton rap supergroup refused to acknowledge the threat against them - because they felt they were on a free-speech mission.

The rapper writes, "N.W.A is best known for the fight for freedom of speech and expression."

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