Miley Cyrus"I'm super stoked... Titanic is my favorite movie, so I'm so excited." Miley Cyrus on hearing her hit concert film, Hannah Montana & Miley Cyrus: Best Of Both Worlds Concert, broke Titanic's record as the biggest Super Bowl weekend opener on Sunday. The 3D film debuted with $29 million - almost $4 million more than Titanic's opening weekend haul in 1997.

"I'm moving to Nashville to finish up an album. I'm gonna take this country thing serious... I'm gonna do an R&B and country album because it's not that far away - the styles are not that different... I might as well go back to the grass roots." Bobby Brown is serious about his country music career after signing on for reality TV show Gone Country.

"I started wearing Spanx before anybody wore Spanx... I wore Spanx during the first Fantastic Four. They saved my life." Jessica Alba reveals she partly owes shape-fixing underwear for her sexy image.

"I always play the bad girls... because I'm a brunette. They always usually cast, like, dark hair, bad girl, blonde hair, good girl." Eva Longoria Parker complains about being typecast.

Janet Jackson"I really wanted to be a jockey. I loved being on top of this huge, powerful animal." Janet Jackson on her childhood dreams to become a professional horse rider.

"I got my teeth straight (sic). I swear it has changed everything." Katherine Heigl offers a reason why she's suddenly topping sexy women polls.

"I don't like to be stared at." Eva Longoria Parker on the downside of fame.

"I was really hoping for them to cover my whole voice, my terrible English, with some tension, some music. But they didn't." Oscar nominee Javier Bardem was more than a little unnerved when he learned No Country For Old Men would have no soundtrack.

"I got a card with an ultrasound. Awesome. Awesome. If she told me she had some news to share with me, that would not have been in my top 10. It's much better." Matthew McConaughey was moved by the way his girlfriend Camila Alves let him know she was pregnant.

"They're strategically hidden." Eva Longoria Parker on her tattoos. The star has visible tattoos of a star on her left wrist and her wedding date in Roman numerals on her right wrist.

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