James McAvoy"My wife did laugh her head off. She found it hilarious." The Last King Of Scotland star James McAvoy on being named People magazine's fifth sexiest man alive.

"I look at myself in the mirror and wondered if I could play Nic Cage's father and now we've become pals and I feel paternal with him." Jon Voight on playing Nicolas Cage's father in the National Treasure sequel.

"Tameka's given me one of the greatest gifts I'll ever have. With a child, now I have a purpose. I understand love. I understand how my mother loves me the way she does." Usher on becoming a father. His new wife Tameka Foster gave birth to Usher Raymond III last week.

"I'm hard. I cuss 'em out. But my philosophy is, I pick on them, and then I pick them up. That's what I do, to let them know that I expect more out of them because they're better than that." Snoop Dogg reveals his tactics in coaching his Little League American football team.

"I'm trying to, right now, figure out how much material I can squeeze into that short space of time... I doubt we'd do a medley... It's not the kind of band that can remember a medley." Tom Petty on preparing for his 15-minute show at the Super Bowl.

"Alec is outspoken and Daniel has the rap sheet and Stephen is the holy roller and Billy is the good boy. I always say they call me the white sheep of the family." Billy Baldwin on his reputation for being the famous family's good guy.

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