Idris Elba Is A New Father For Easter

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Helena Bonham Carter"I've got my own side of our house, which is very feminine - Beatrix Potter and eminently tasteful. Tim decorated his side, which is very Tim. We have strange things like Oompa-Loompas and a life-size Sammy Davis Jr. waxwork." Helena Bonham Carter on living with eccentric moviemaker Tim Burton.

"Keep up the good work, Matt." Jude Law congratulates Matt Damon on his new "Sexiest Man Alive" title. Law is a previous holder of magazine People's accolade.

"I think I'd be a lot richer." Jennifer Jason Leigh on how her life would have been different had she agreed to play Sarah Connor in the first Terminator movie. The role eventually passed to Linda Hamilton.

"I had to get back in training, not just for losing weight and feeling trim to get into Samantha mode, but also just for the long hours on stilettos that I was not used to." Kim Catrall had to get in shape for the Sex And The City film.

"I love the unflattering Sweeney Todd make-up. You can see I don't Botox; I might have the only wrinkled forehead in Hollywood." Helena Bonham Carter is delighted with how terrible she looks in the new movie musical.

"You smell a little like s'mores." Chat show host Ellen DeGeneres insists Mariah Carey's new scent, M, has the sweet smell of success.

"I don't eat salad. It bloats you; you think you're doing good but it's better to eat cooked vegetables." Mariah Carey on how she looks her best before big events or photoshoots.

"I can't say it as a fact, but I feel that I am the number one human being in music - and, if I go into the studio, I feel I'm gong to make the most amazing song that you've ever heard. Graduation is nowhere near as good as I can do, but it's the best thing this year in music." Kanye West is convinced music needs him.

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