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Jack Nicholson Revamps 'Chinatown' Sequel

November 8th, 2007 7:30pm EST favorite Add to My News
Jack NicholsonJack Nicholson hit the editing room to give his critically-slammed Chinatown sequel a much-needed makeover for the film's DVD special edition re-release. The movie icon directed and starred in 1990 film The Two Jakes and admits he was never truly happy with the end result.

So when he got the chance to re-edit the film for the re-release, he jumped at the chance.

Nicholson tells MTV News, "I couldn't look at The Two Jakes because of the quality of the television print. I would see this horrible orange hair on (actress) Meg Tilly, and I'd want to shoot myself. I literally couldn't watch it. I loved doing the print for this thing. It's a major improvement. I didn't want to fix any of my mistakes on Two Jakes but I couldn't help myself. In a few spots I did change a few things. I did a total color correction. I took some of the narration out, and there were too many music cues in it. I want to do it for the other two films I directed too because things get away from you and nobody cares. When I get the time I'm going to redo the sound and picture on them."

ChinatownAnd his work on the re-release has brought talk of a third Chinatown film forward.

He reveals screenwriter Robert Towne already has an outline for the story, called Gittes vs Gittes, which was to revolve around Hollywood recluse Howard Hughes.

Nicholson says, "I certainly would consider it. I would imagine Bob would as well. But the second film left a few bruises (and) I don't know how Paramount would be about it. The timing is about right."

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