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David Gilmour Dismisses Pink Floyd Reunion

October 1st, 2007 8:58am EDT favorite Add to My News
David GilmourDavid Gilmour has no plans to regroup with his Pink Floyd bandmates again, despite getting fans' hopes up when the legendary rockers reunited for a one-off Live 8 performance in 2005.

The guitarist's infamous rift with bandmate Roger Waters caused the rockers to split in the 1980s, but Gilmour has dismissed speculation of a Pink Floyd reunion because he's more interested in his solo work.

He says, "What I've been doing for the last couple of years - what I was in the middle of when Live 8 came along - was my album, and that's what I'm thinking about. I can't see why I would want to be going back to that old thing. It's very retrogressive. I want to look forward, and looking back isn't my joy.

"Roger hasn't written a lyric lately that has really been something where I've gone, 'Wow, I wish that was part of my oeuvre.' I don't know how one puts it, but going back into all that just wouldn't bring me joy. It's my time of life to be selfish - please myself."

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