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Mandy Moore"I was singing the quintessential crappy pop music. I had four back-up dancers and I was wearing sparkly tank tops and leather pants. It's a totally different show nowadays." Mandy Moore insists her concerts are nothing like the ones she once performed while touring with the Backstreet Boys.

"I still have my Golden Globe on my mantel which is so uncool; you're supposed to be, like, 'Oh, it's in the bathroom!'" Kyra Sedgwick has no shame of her awards success.

"I don't want to be one of these middle-aged drug users. There's something quite sad about that. But I don't believe in saying 'never again'." Duran Duran star Simon Le Bon thinks his drug-taking days are behind him.

"All these people were coming up to my face and screaming, 'Seven out of ten!', referring to the way I look! And you think, 'You rude f%$#'." Keira Knightley enjoyed being nominated for an Oscar for Pride And Prejudice, but disliked the ceremony.

"My mom told me about that. I don't worry about things like that. Obviously, if we're not talking, she wouldn't have called me to tell me that that was in the paper." Jennifer Lopez on reports she and her mother are no longer talking to each other.

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