Jason DonovanEighties pop star Jason Donovan was embarrassed after he collapsed from a cocaine seizure during Kate Moss' 21st birthday party - because he was desperate to be seen as a wild rocker.

The singer was delighted he had been invited to celebrate the supermodel's milestone in 1995 at her then boyfriend Johnny Depp's infamous Los Angeles club, the Viper Room. He saw it as a chance to mingle with Hollywood's hard party goers - but he was so keen to impress he collapsed from a drug overdose.

Recalling the encounter in his autobiography Between The Lines, he says: "After three hours I discharged myself and headed back to my hotel by cab. I was so ashamed about what had happened, so racked with guilt that I had ruined Kate's party, that I knew I had to go and apologize to her."

"She and Johnny were holding an after-party at my hotel so I knocked on their door. Johnny answered it, 'I'm really sorry about what', I ventured. 'That's cool, don't worry,' he said, patting me on the back. 'We're just pleased that you are OK. Now take some advice from me, go to your room, get some sleep and for God's sake take it easy in future.'

"I headed back to my room, tail between my legs. I had made an utter fool of myself. I'd tried to party with the big boys, tried to be so rock 'n' roll, but all I had done was make a complete f**king idiot of myself."

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