Emmy Rossum"I don't want to bad-mouth any singers or what they stand for lyrically, but there is a lot of room in Top 40 radio for the anti-slut. I hope I speak for a lot of women in the way I write." Actress-turned-singer Emmy Rossum eyes her pop demographic.

"There's not an awful lot that embarrasses me. I'm the kind of actress who absolutely believes in exposing herself." Kate Winslet is a free spirit.

"The girls get to do more interesting things than walk out of the sea in a bikini." The Bourne Ultimatum star Julia Stiles compares to the Bourne spy franchise to rival James Bond.

"Angelina Jolie is far too young - you'd need to cast someone who you believe could have three adult children. Demi Moore would be good." Joan Collins mulls over who could play her in a movie version of '80s TV hit Dynasty.

"I was buying toothpaste and my credit card was declined. I have this beard and I don't look anything like my wallet picture, and they had to call for authorization. That's when I wished I was a little more famous!" Actor Adrian Pasdar reveals the downside of growing a thick beard for show Heroes.

"I wear flip-flops with socks all the time. That's my airport apparel." Stylish rapper T.I. on his quirky footwear choices.

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