Chris TuckerActor Chris Tucker was recently accosted at his front door by two teenage fans of stoner comedy Friday wanting to smoke marijuana with him. Tucker, who starred alongside Ice Cube as slacker Smokey in the 1995 hit, was surprised to be greeted by the cannabis-loving adolescents.

The 34-year-old, who insists he doesn't "smoke weed", tells Playboy magazine, "Two white teenagers came to my house. I don't get too much company, so I looked out the peephole. I was in my housecoat. I had a do-rag on my head. They said, 'We're your neighbors. Do you want to smoke some weed?' Then they started quoting from Friday. 'It's Friday. You ain't got no job! You ain't got s--- to do!' So I've got neighbors' kids knocking on my door, looking to smoke weed with Smokey."

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