Miley Cyrus Rushed To Hospital In Kansas City

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Mandy Moore"The place we recorded in was definitely haunted. The ghost was nice. It turned my TV on for me... I felt like I wasn't by myself; they were my friends. I had company." Mandy Moore recalls recording her new album in a haunted studio.

"I'm too young to be a legend." Barbra Streisand, 65, doesn't believe she is ready for such a hallowed status.

"I have a very, very, very great relationship with wine. We have been together for about 10 years now, and we just love each other more and more every day." Sienna Miller reveals her biggest love in life.

"I don't think it's such a bad thing being bumped by Paris Hilton. I understand the priorities of the country that I live in." Documentary maker Michael Moore on finding his Wednesday TV chat with CNN newsman Larry King had been axed in favor of an interview with released jailbird Hilton.

"I can't even remember (the last time I sang). I've got a terrible voice. I can't sing a note." American Idol judge Simon Cowell makes up for his musical shortcomings by judging others.

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