Fall Out Boy"Fall Out Boy is the Titanic. If that f---er goes down so does everything else." Fall Out Boy bassist Pete Wentz advocates the strength of his band.

"I'd consider it in about 20 years, but it doesn't appeal to me now. I wouldn't get a hair transplant though. If it got to that stage, I'd just shave it off." Australian pop star Jason Donovan hasn't turned to plastic surgery to fight aging yet.

"I was disappointed he never tried to shoot me." Christian Bale on his Rescue Dawn director Werner Herzog's fiery reputation.

"I'll probably just pay and pretend I'm not a pensioner." Paul McCartney has no plans to collect his bus pass in Britain after turning 65.

"Crying, for a guy, when I grew up, you didn't do that, so you spent a lot of time... pretending. Now, I just wanna bawl." Paul McCartney doesn't bottle up his emotions anymore.

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