Luke Wilson"Of course, I have to cast Owen in anything he wants to do. He has the box-office clout. He's mister clout." Actor Luke Wilson on cashing in on his big brother's movie prowess.

"With zombie sex, I have no idea; it must be a bit like tantric sex." Scottish comedian Billy Connolly on sex amongst the undead in new movie Fido.

"(A tabloid) said it was small. I was like, no, it's tiny, I mean, you have no idea, it's really tiny. You can only respond to something like that with humor." Pop singer Enrique Iglesias laughs off reports he admitted lacking in the 'manhood' department after joking with a reporter who took him seriously.

"She passed on some great meatball recipes, fish dishes, eggplant parmigiana and broccoli rabe." Danny DeVito is hoping to introduce some of his late mother's recipes at his new restaurant in Miami Beach, Florida.

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