Orlando Bloom"It's my mom. She's constantly doing it... I don't really understand Googling... I can't do it." Orlando Bloom doesn't quite comprehend his status as the most popular search on Google.com.

"I work in cinema because I am a fan of films of all different kinds. We work on entertainment and smaller films we feel passionate about - except Matt (Damon), he doesn't care." George Clooney jokes about his Ocean's Thirteen co-star's habit of picking blockbuster parts.

"He's very forthright when I ask him if this looks good or if it does not look good. He's got a great eye." Minnie Driver on the benefits of playing opposite transvestite comedian Eddie Izzard in TV drama The Riches.

"I wore a pair of jeans I had bought from Fred Segal in, like, 1986. I still have them." Sarah Jessica Parker remembers what she wore on her first date with husband Matthew Broderick. The couple celebrated their 10th wedding anniversary last weekend.

"Can you imagine where my career is going? From bodybuilding to actor, politician, pimp." California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger is concerned about what his future holds.

"On the outside I might look like King Kong but inside I'm Hugh Grant." Hollywood action hero Sylvester Stallone insists he's not as tough as his film characters.

"I feel like a prostitute having two number threes out in one year." Star of sequels Matt Damon jokes about the release of The Bourne Ultimatum and Ocean's Thirteen.

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