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Kevin Sorbo Is Bitter Sam Raimi Hasn't Offered Him Any Big Roles

February 15th, 2007 8:50am EST favorite Add to My News
Kevin SorboBitter former TV Hercules Kevin Sorbo has lashed out at former pal Sam Raimi for not signing him up for any of the Spider-Man movies. The actor claims the director bears a grudge towards him because he once snubbed a film offer from him to make Kull The Conqueror - and he's upset Raimi has never called to ask him to consider a part in a Spider-Man film.

Sorbo, who played Hercules for Raimi from the mid to late 1990s, tells website FilmStew.com, "I busted my ass on 'Hercules' and I almost died doing it. I had an aneurysm that exploded in my body that almost killed me. I think I'm a good enough actor that he can put me in a secondary part in one of his feature films. It would be nice if he did that. I think he's holding a grudge over me. He wanted me to do a movie back in 1996 when I decided to do 'Kull the Conqueror'...Quite frankly, the movie was horrible. It is very infantile from a guy who's as powerful as he is and as wealthy as he is. Throw me a bone. Why not let me do something?"

And bitter Sorbo's Internet rant doesn't end there - he explains the last straw came when Raimi forced his former TV star to audition for a lowly role in horror film The Grudge, which the director produced. He adds, "I shed blood, sweat, and tears for 'Hercules;' I gave him (Raimi) a successful spin-off in Xena and 'Young Hercules,' and he says, `You've got to come in and read for a part that's really like the seventh lead.' That's just basically saying, 'F' you."

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