Bai LingChinese actress Bai Ling enjoys sex so much she wants to die while making love. The bisexual 36-year-old, who will appear in TV drama Lost later this year, is so obsessed with sex she sleeps with as many men and women as possible.

She says, "Anything you can imagine... I've done it! It's in my nature to just run wild and I do. I love being naked and I love men and women - especially when I'm drunk. Sex is the best high. I want to die making love because it feels so good."

Ling also admits she doesn't class one-night stands and serious relationships any differently, saying, "For me, a one night stand and a lifetime commitment are the same. There's a lot of beauty in different men. You can't see just one man. It's too hard to choose. Before I get married I think I should enjoy it. I don't live by the rules."

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