Cybil Shepherd"At first he kissed like a camel - like camel tongue! Oh, it was terrible! Then Demi Moore got ahold of him and must have taught him something." Cybill Shepherd on her former Moonlighting co-star Bruce Willis' improved kissing skills.

"Oh God, it is so embarrassing. I was incredibly precocious and naive." Madonna cringed when shown some of her early music videos on TV show “Today.”

"I was 19 and she was, like, eight." Rocker Courtney Love on how she met good friend Drew Barrymore and bonded with her while smoking in a bathroom.

"It's hot here in New York City, and it's not just me and my menopause." Bette Midler jokes about the current Manhattan heat wave.

"Don't go out with Paris Hilton. She is not your friend. I bought my kids a Paris Hilton doll and it dragged the other dolls down to her level." Robin Williams urges Britney Spears to choose better friends.

"I don't clean toilets, and I'm not all about breakfast because I'm usually not up early enough." Tori Spelling insists fans won't see her up early or cleaning bathrooms in new reality TV show “Tori & Dean: Inn Love,” in which the loved-up Hollywood couple try to run a guest house.’

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