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Christmas With The Kristins: Co-Stars Chenoweth & Davis Get Festive

December 21st, 2006 9:28am EST favorite Add to My News
Kristin Davis & Kristin ChenowethIt isn't difficult to get festive fans Kristin Davis and Kristin Chenoweth feeling warm and fuzzy about Christmas, so when they teamed up to play the wives of feuding neighbors Matthew Broderick and Danny DeVito in new movie Deck The Halls, they spent a lot of time reminiscing about the holidays.

The ladies enjoyed Christmases growing up in South Carolina and Boulder, Colorado (Davis) and Oklahoma (Chenoweth) and the sentiment of the new festive film brought the memories flooding back. The experience of starring alongside Broderick and DeVito was one both would have paid for, but the chance to enjoy a bonus Christmas in Canada, where producers took over an entire neighborhood for the duration of filming was extra special for the Santa fans.

This year, both actresses, stars of Sex & The City and The West Wing, are looking for love in their Christmas stockings, but they've still got their family memories of wonderful past Christmases to keep them warm.

Q: Happy Christmas ladies. Can I start by asking you both what you love most about the holidays?

KD: I like snowmen but I live in New York so where would I put that? In my lobby?

KC: I love New York at Christmas. That's where I'll be this year.

Q: But do you have any special Christmas memories?

KC: I do reminisce about special times I've had with my family at Christmas - we live for this. I tend to think about what we did every Christmas. My mom has a really tacky ceramic Christmas tree that is probably as tall as me and on the corners are candles. The entire family has to go around and light a candle and say what they're most thankful for. No matter how hard we try, we always cry as we're doing it (laughs). I'm talking about my dad, my brother, my 16-year-old tough nephew. We all cry because we've been through a lot - loss, sickness, we've had it all but we're together and I love that. It's cheesy and sentimental but there you have it, it's the truth.

KD: That's really sweet. I remember the car license plates in South Carolina; every year they all have these license plates that read 'Think snow, think snow' and it just never snows, so it's kind of funny. Instead it's more traditional like you see a lot more greenery. We would put up single lights in the windows. It's much more about baking and handing out baked goods and parties and caroling. I love caroling.

Q: Are there any special gifts you've received that make you recall a special Christmas?

KD: My first bike was a big Christmas. There are cute pictures of me. I have a red bike, I'm very excited. I didn't know how to ride it and my dad and I went to the parking lot down by the university, where he's a (psychology) professor, and he taught me to ride my bike. That was a very special Christmas.

Q: Are you big on decorating the home?

KD: Yes, but not like the homes we lit up for "Deck The Halls" (laughs). We had to buy this whole neighborhood in Vancouver and when we shot at night you could see the Christmas lights miles away. I don't think my neighborhood at home in South Carolina would be diggin' that.

Q: Do you have any favorite Christmas songs?

KC: I love them all but, thanks to this film, I now have one that means an awful lot to me. I went in the studio and recorded "O Holy Night" with George Clinton for the soundtrack. It was a very simple version. I hadn't had much sleep. My grandmother had just passed away the night before and I went in and kind of had that raspy quality in the recording studio and it worked. I love the song.

Q: Ms. Chenoweth, you mentioned that you would be spending Christmas in New York, preparing for your new stage show "The Apple Tree." Is it tough to spend Christmas away from your family?

KC: Of course, but, as I said, I love New York at Christmas. I'm going to get a little tiny Christmas tree for my apartment and have a few of my closest friends over, my closest inner circle and I'll make them all do that Christmas lighting tradition I told you about because it's a tradition. It brings you closer so I'm gonna take that from my mom and use it. I have so much to be grateful for.

Q: So there won't be anyone special joining you under the mistletoe?

KC: That's a sore point. Maybe I should put an ad in the paper: Tony Award winner seeks same.' is fine, but what am I gonna do - go online and have my picture? No. I think I should be the next Bachelorette and then I'd have my pick of guys.

Q: Ms. Davis, "Deck The Halls" is sure to become another one of those festive films that turns up on TV every holiday season. Do you have a favorite festive film?

KD: It's A Wonderful Life is at the top of my list of Christmas movies, but I really like our film. It's really funny and I think laughter is great, especially laughter during the holidays.

Article by Kev Lewin & Amanda Lornie

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