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Eric Bana Wanted For Irwin Biopic

November 5th, 2006 11:30am EST favorite Add to My News
Eric BanaMunich star Eric Bana is the frontrunner to play tragic Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin in a potential biopic, as far as the celebrity conservationist's best pal is concerned.

Irwin's friend and manager John Stainton recalls Irwin asking his fellow Aussie to play him if there was ever a film about his life.

Stainton says, "He (Irwin) raced up to him on the red carpet and said 'Eric, you have to promise me one thing, mate - you've got to play me when I die.' If we ever do a movie I'd have to get Eric Bana."

Irwin's pal Russell Crowe was the first name mentioned in relation to a biopic. He immediately played down the rumours, stating, "It's appalling to me and offends me very deeply. It's so awful that I have to deal with millions of people thinking I would dance on my friend's grave."

More on Eric Bana HERE.

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