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'Ghostbusters' Star, Traci Lords Investigate Haunted Sites in New VH1 Show

November 1st, 2006 9:06am EST favorite Add to My News
Ernie HudsonGhostbusters star Ernie Hudson has turned reality TV ghostbuster for a creepy new show. The actor will be among the stars tracking down real ghosts and ghouls in new show "Celebrity Paranormal Project." Hudson admits he wasn't keen on the show at first, but his clever son made him rethink his initial reluctance.

He says, "I made a deal with my son that if he made straight As I'd get him a car and he actually got straight As, so I said, 'About that show...'"

In the upcoming VH1 show, Hudson and stars like Michael Bergin and Traci Lords investigate haunted sites armed with the latest tools in paranormal research and a handheld camera.

Lords admits she was terrified throughout the shoot - because she's scared of the dark. She explains, "I try to do things that scare me occasionally, and I thought, 'OK, we're gonna have a crew there; I mean somebody's gotta shoot it...' We got there and there wasn't one. We had these backpacks that we put on and an arm would reach around and film us from the front, film us from the side. We were the crew... They dropped you off at your abandoned whatever it is - mine was an insane asylum - and then they left you there."

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