Billy Bob Thornton"I'm not exactly agoraphobic but I'm pretty close... I'm really afraid to go out." Billy Bob Thornton likes to stay at home.

"People just keep telling me to quit." Ashton Kutcher on the worst reviews he's received from film critics.

"My trainer moved in with me, and he said he wasn't leaving until I was a size 1 again." Rapper Lil' Kim on losing the 15 pounds of extra weight she put on while she was in prison.

"I was wet the entire time, so I was freezing the entire shoot." Janet Jackson on baring all for Giant magazine's new issue.

"I guess I'm back on TV because the script was so good and The Whole Ten Yards was so bad." Matthew Perry on why he decided to return to TV and star in his new series "Studio 60 On The Sunset Strip."

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