Mischa Barton"My cat is incredible. He just hits the redial button, and they just hear purring at the other end. So I have to grab the phone and tell them it's my pussy." Mischa Barton on her multi-talented pet.

"To anyone that has ever made fun of me for doing that, I say this: 'Are you in the Guinness Book Of World Records?'" Fiona Apple on the title of her 90-word 1999 album When The Pawn...

"A lot of people think it's weird her working with me, but I think it's how she sings on top of my beats that make it." Hip-hop producer Timbaland is blown away by his collaborations with Icelandic virtuoso Bjork.

"It's important not to believe the hype. I'm still the same guy from high school that tried to get in women's pants and failed." Patrick Swayze dismisses his 1991 'World's Sexiest Man Alive' accolade.

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