No One Saw This Coming From Amber Heard

Celebrity Birthdays, February 28

2/28/2006 3:00am EST
John TurturroHappy Birthday to racehorse Smarty Jones (2001), Canadian hockey player Eric Lindros (1973), writer Lemony Snicket (1970), actor Robert Sean Leonard (1969), Canadian actress Rae Dawn Chong (1961), actress/model Dorothy Stratten (1960; d. 1980), "The Big Lebowski" actor John Turturro (1957), comedian Gilbert Gottfried (1955), theater and film actress Mercedes Ruehl (1948), singer/actress Bernadette Peters (1948), writer/director Mike Figgis (1948), actress Stephanie Beacham (1947), football player-turned-actor Bubba Smith (1945), "Gilmore Girls" actress Kelly Bishop (1944), Rolling Stones founding member Brian Jones (1942; d. 1969), "WKRP in Cincinnati" actor Frank Bonner (1942), Tony Award-winning actor/dancer Tommy Tune (1939), "Love Boat" captain Gavin MacLeod (1930), "Rescue Me" actor Charles Durning (1923), stage and screen actor Zero Mostel (1915; d. 1977), comedienne/actress Billie Bird (1908; d. 2002), gangster Ben "Bugsy" Siegel (1906; d. 1947), and director Vincente Minnelli (1903; d. 1986).
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