BBC Renews 'Orphan Black' For Third Season, Announces Two New Series

Movie Snippets: '16 Blocks,' A Roosevelt Biopic, 'Freedomland' & More

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Bruce Willis* Bruce Willis found a novel way of making sure his new alcoholic cop character walked with a limp throughout his new movie 16 Blocks - by placing a stone in his shoe. The star feared he'd forget his character limped and would appear to walk normally in some scenes. He reveals, "He had been shot in the leg and you've gotta have a limp." He jokes, "That stone can now be purchased on eBay."

* Martin Scorsese loved working with Leonardo DiCaprio so much, he wants to cast him in his next film - as President Theodore Roosevelt. DiCaprio was already on board to produce the film, but Scorsese wants him to also step up as the lead, according to The film is based on the book “The Rise of Theodore Roosevelt,” which chronicles Roosevelt's formative years, rising from his position as a New York politician to the burly commander-in-chief of the United States.

* Julianne Moore gave Freedomland co-star Samuel L. Jackson an unusual gift after wrapping the movie - a painting of handcuffs. Moore plays a mother who blames Jackson's character when her own son goes missing - and she admits the emotional shoot brought them close together. She says, "I gave him a pen-and-ink drawing of handcuffs, because it was like we were handcuffed together the whole movie. What we left still stands up and I think it's a great legacy."

* The Oscar nominations and the box office success of Brokeback Mountain are fueling hopes in director Ang Lee’s native Taiwan that the country's ailing movie industry can be saved. Last year, Taiwanese films accounted for only 10 percent of the 400-plus movies shown in the country and only 1.59 per cent of ticket sales. Brokeback Mountain is nominated for Best Picture and seven other Academy Awards, and has grossed $1 million in ticket sales in Taiwan. The film has been instrumental in inspiring young film-makers to revive the country's film industry. Lin Chien-Pin, a 38-year-old Taiwanese director says, "Ang Lee's success shows it is not impossible to strike a balance between art and box office."

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