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Foo Fighters Get Hit With Mentos; Excited About Unusual Grammy Nomination

January 31st, 2006 5:32pm EST favorite Add to My News
Foo FightersFoo Fighters rocker Dave Grohl hates playing hit song "Big Me" live, because fans bombard him with Mentos. The video for the 1996 track was a parody of the American commercials for the candy brand Mentos - and Grohl was forced to stop playing it live because of the pain inflicted by nightly mint showers.

He says, "We did stop playing that song... because, honestly, it's like being stoned. Those little things are like pebbles - they hurt. I wish they were like marshmallows or something."

In other Foo Fighters news...

Dave Grohl is more excited about competing in the unusual Grammy category of Best Surround-Sound Album next month than being nominated for Best Rock Album and Best Rock Song.

The former Nirvana drummer is more optimistic about his chances of winning in the performance categories - but he would rather triumph in the technical category which pushes the boundaries of sound.

He says, "You know, to be completely honest, that is the one that we're the most excited about. I mean, it's great to get the best rock record and the best rock song and all that other stuff, but something as wickedly technical and bad ass as a true 5.1 surround record, that's pretty kick ass. That just reeks of Pink Floyd or something like that... Dude, the competition is stiff. I didn't even know who else was in our categories. We're clearly the underdog. We might stand alongside Coldplay, but that's about it. That's where that line is drawn."

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