The Reason This West Point Graduate Is Crying Will Warm Your Heart

Therapy Needed on 'Hope & Faith', Nov. 25

11/8/2005 11:00am EST
Hope & FaithComing up on Hope & Faith:

"Hope in the Middle" - When Dr. Lombard (Susan Sullivan) suggests that Faith channel her energy into a creative outlet, she signs up for a poetry slam on the same night that Charley is set to receive an award from "The Optimist's Club." Hope, who is busy preparing for the Great American Bake Sale, is torn between which event to attend. When Faith's actions that night result in a rift between Hope and Charley, she concocts a misguided attempt to make amends, tricking them into a therapy session with Dr. Lombard, on "Hope & Faith," Friday, Nov. 25, on ABC.
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