What Jennifer Lawrence Confessed To May Make You Go Ew!

10/4/2015 1:06pm EDT
Jennifer Lawrence
Jennifer Lawrence, arguably, is one of the hottest and most tantalizing women in Hollywood. However, after you learn about J-Law's shocking confession, you may have second thoughts about swooning over her ever again.

During a recent chat with MTV, Jennifer Lawrence joined two other co-stars of The Hunger Games: Mockingjay: Liam Hemsworth and Josh Hutcherson, in a Truth or Dare session. Needless to say, the A-listers went there with TMI, especially Jenn. Liam led the tell-all by choosing "Truth."

Host: "What's the most disgusting habit of one of your costars?"

Jennifer took the question...

These Battle Songs Will Help You Persevere

10/4/2015 1:00pm EDT
12 Songs That Will Have You Ready For Battle
Ladies and gentlemen, get prepared to put on your armor – we’re going to battle! No, not really, but the songs featured in this article all center around battles, with some expanding to full out war. These battle songs all have a common thread – resolve – the willingness to persevere even if there are “scars” when it’s all said and done. Enjoy these 12, mostly uplifting battle songs! “Fight” songs weren’t included; only battle and war songs.

1) Bullet For My Valentine, “You Want a Battle? (Here’s a War)” (Venom, 2015)

“I will not take this anymore / these words will never be ignore...

Is Jessa Duggar Having Twins?

10/4/2015 12:45pm EDT
Jessa and Ben Seewald
Is Jessa Duggar expecting twins with her husband, Ben Seewald?

According to People Magazine, Jessa has dropped quite a few clues about her pregnancy, and it is leading many to believe that she could be welcoming twins next month! The rumors really heated up when the former reality stars decided to conduct a poll asking their fans what they thought Jessa was having... and there was an option for twins. Jessa also asked fans to give her name suggestions... for both a boy and a girl. However, that is probably just because Jessa and Ben decided not to find out the sex of their baby.

People re...

Abusive Side of Hillary Clinton Revealed By Secret Service

10/4/2015 12:38pm EDT
Hillary Clinton Dislikes Military In Uniform? Secret Service Exp
Is Hillary Clinton is known to be a nightmare among Secret Service agents and is seen as having a strong dislke for military members and police in uniform.

Ronald Kessler and a handful of former Secret Security agents wrote a book called First Family Detail. It takes a behind-the-scenes look at what those on detail for the Clintons and other American presidents’ families was like.

The book doesn’t just mention Hillary, but describes how gracious the Clintons’ daughter, Chelsea, was to everyone. It also touches on other first families … but one person in particular stands out as being espe...

Kim Zolciak Stops All Promotion Of 'DWTS'

10/4/2015 12:28pm EDT
Kim Zolciak
Kim Zolciak is currently recovering from her mini-stroke last week. She had just gotten off the plane from Los Angeles and was planning on going home to hang out with her family. Zolciak suddenly went numb in one side and lost her ability to speak. She was rushed to the hospital, where she recovered for a few days. Since then, Zolciak has been booted from Dancing With The Stars. When Kim learned of the news, she began actively promoting a petition to bring her and Tony back on the show. Sadly, the judges simply weren’t having it. Now, Kim has dropped all promotion for Dancing With The Stars...

Gretchen Rossi Hoping For Specific Reunion Question

10/4/2015 12:17pm EDT
Is Gretchen Rossi Watching The 'RHOC' Reunion?
Gretchen Rossi may have put The Real Housewives of Orange County in her past, but she is still very much involved with her fans from the show. These days, Gretchen is working on her fashion business, but since the cancer issue came up on the show, fans have been contacting Rossi. Why? Because Vicki Gunvalson made some hypocritical comments a few years back that have come back to haunt her. And it sounds like Gretchen wants some justice for what happened to her years ago.

According to a new tweet, Gretchen Rossi is now revealing that she hopes Andy Cohen brings up Vicki Gunvalson’s comment ...

Is Alexis Bellino In Money Troubles Again?

10/4/2015 12:07pm EDT
Alexis Bellino
Alexis Bellino left The Real Housewives of Orange County after several years of filming the show. She struggled throughout her last few season, as she claimed her co-stars were bullying her. Her co-stars took offense to that, and she eventually left the show. Since then, she hasn’t really done much, but she claims to work on her fashion line. While filming the show, she tried to start a clothing line while being a full-time mother, but her designer didn’t quite see her vision.

According to a new Instagram post, Alexis Bellino is now trying something new. Rather than create her very own des...

'The Good Wife' To Introduce Some New Faces

10/4/2015 12:01pm EDT
Can New Cast Additions Help 'The Good Wife' Rebound?
When it starts tonight, season seven of The Good Wife will be introducing a few more new faces to Alicia Florrick's world, several of which you could consider pretty big gets. But are these additions enough to help the show recover from an uneven season six that knocked it down a few notches?

One of the perks of The Good Wife being so good is that it's been able to attract that higher caliber of actor or actress to come play on the series. Season seven's castings so far have been no exception.

Tonight's season premiere, "Bond," will feature the introductions of Justified's award winner Ma...

Tamra Barney Still Recovering From The Reunion Taping

10/4/2015 11:49am EDT
Tamra Barney
Tamra Barney is known for stirring the pot and this season was no exception. Even though Tamra tends to act as if she isn’t doing anything wrong, she always ends up in the middle of the problems. So when reunion time comes around, her lies tend to be exposed. The ladies got together this past Thursday to film the reunion special and it was quite a reunion apparently. The ladies haven’t said much, but one can imagine that the cancer topic was quite the discussion.

According to a new Instagram post, Tamra Barney is now revealing that she is still recovering from the reunion special. Apparen...

Will Robert Herjavec Pop The Question? Witney Carson Thinks So!

10/4/2015 11:36am EDT
Robert Herjavec and Kym Johnson
Witney Carson has just gotten engaged and her Twitter timeline is flooding with messages of congratulations and support. And while Witney is enjoying life as a future wife to be, it sounds like she has no problem calling out her dancing friends when it comes to marriage. It is no secret that Robert Herjavec and Kym Johnson fell in love while dancing together on Dancing With The Stars. So, could a proposal be in the works?

According to a new tweet, Witney Carson received many congratulations over the weekend, including one from Robert Herjavec. “Congrats on your engagement,” Robert wrote, a...