Prince Harry Comes Face-To-Face With 'Killer' Dog

12/2/2015 12:04am EST
Prince Harry
Prince Harry came face-to-face with a dog during his visit in South Africa that had attacked a man just hours earlier. The dog – named “Killer” – is an anti-poaching dog. He tracks poachers and has an impressive record of helping authorities take them down.

When Harry met the dog, he kept a safe distance from the animal, well aware of the incident that took place earlier that day. After all, no one wanted to see a visiting British royal get attacked by a dog so well-respected. Certainly, that wouldn't have been good publicity for the canine!

Daily Mail reports that the prince landed in K...

'Sex-Crazed, Philandering' Bill Clinton Can't Stop Hillary Clinton's Dream To Become President

12/1/2015 8:47pm EST
'Sex-Crazed' Bill Clinton Wearing Lingerie Didn't Stop Hillary F
If Hillary Clinton doesn't win the 2016 Presidential election, she and her husband, former President Bill Clinton may want to turn to a career in reality TV.

The juicy details in the soon-to-be-released book "Bill & Hillary: So This Is That Thing Called Love" rival the story lines from any Real Housewives series. The 432-page unauthorized biography, due out later this month, is filled with unconfirmed reports about "sex-crazed" Bill and his life with Hillary.

From Hillary ordering Bill to get an HIV test because “he favored unprotected sex," to his rumored seduction of the late Jackie Ken...

Are You A Tortured Fan Of One Of These NHL Teams?

12/1/2015 7:10pm EST
Maple Leaf Fans
The NHL is very unlike basketball and baseball. Money and a handful of elite players do not determine who wins the Stanley Cup every year. It's about grit, toughness, teamwork, and ability to stay healthy. In baseball, money buys most championship teams (best example being the Yankees), and in basketball we are in the midst of an era of super teams and big 3’s (Celtics, Heat, etc). Thank God there's football and hockey. Hockey is one of those games where sooner or later you’ll get the right draft picks, the salary cap will get to competing teams, and you can build a cup caliber team. It giv...

Yolanda And David Foster Have Split

12/1/2015 6:27pm EST
Yolanda Foster
Yolanda Foster and her husband, David Foster, are getting divorced. The couple has been married for four years (together for nine), but have decided that they must go their separate ways. According to People Magazine, Yolanda and David announced their divorce on Tuesday afternoon.

"Sadly we have decided to go our separate ways. We've shared 9 beautiful and joyous years together. During that time we experienced love, friendship and the inevitable challenges that come with managing a marriage, careers, blended families and health issues," Yolanda and David said in a joint statement to People...

Alaskan Mayor Greg Fisk Found Dead

12/1/2015 3:43pm EST
Greg Fisk Juneau
Greg Fisk, mayor of Juneau in Alaska, was found dead inside his home on Monday.

Police received a 911 call around 3:34 p.m. from Fisk's son. The 70-year-old was pronounced dead at the scene. NBC News reports that police couldn't comment on the mayor's cause of death. It's also unknown if authorities are considering Fisk's death suspicious.

Greg Fisk was elected to mayor of Juneau in October.

According to a statement released by Juneau Police Department spokeswoman Erann Kalwara, she said investigators were "aware of rumors that an assault occurred in connection with Fisk's death," but s...

No Difference Between Male And Female Brain, Study Reveals

12/1/2015 3:03pm EST
Male Female Brains Same
Research reveals that the male and female brain are the same. It's an argument that's gone on since anyone can remember, but new research from Tel-Aviv University declare there are no differences in male and female brains.

The biggest “differences” in male and female brains is that only specific parts show sex differences. It's rare that a person's brain has “all” male or “all” female traits, according to researchers.

Daphna Joel, one of the study's co-authors, published the paper that was released in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

Researchers used MRI scans...

See Wendy Williams' Svelte Figure In Black Bikini

12/1/2015 1:49pm EST
Wendy Williams
Wendy Williams showed off her 50-pound weight loss in a one-piece black bikini over Thanksgiving weekend on the beach in Bal Harbour, Florida. The talk show host looked incredible as she went on a beach outing with her husband, Kevin Hunter.

The 51-year-old lost a lot of weight this year. On Saturday, Williams was seen strutting her svelte body in a vintage-style bikini that consisted of a small skirt at the bottom. It showed off her thin legs, flat stomach, and eye-popping cleavage.

Williams revealed that she lost all the weight by going vegan and exercising. You can see the results by w...

Nick Viall Friendly With Shawn: Shawn Not Feeling New Friendship?

12/1/2015 1:35pm EST
Nick Viall
Nick Viall was not the most positive person on The Bachelorette this past season. Nick truly had to prove himself, especially since things ended badly for him on Andi Dorfman’s season of the show. Nick had called her out for sleeping with him, and then getting engaged to Josh Murray. He felt used and tricked, and he had no problem calling her out. So when Nick decided to compete for Kaitlyn Bristowe’s heart, he played all of the cards right. He was open and honest with her, and they even had a night of passion. However, Shawn Booth was not a fan of him.

According to a new tweet, Nick Viall...

Does Yolanda Foster Trust Her 'RHOBH' Co-Stars?

12/1/2015 1:26pm EST
Yolanda Foster
Yolanda Foster decided to come back for another season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills even though she is still struggling with her health. A few seasons ago, Foster was diagnosed with lyme disease and she has spent her time looking for a cure. While Yolanda was too weak to film the entire reunion special last year, she decided to come back on the show and film it when she could. And sadly, she is still struggling.

According to a new Instagram post, Yolanda Foster is now talking about trust and taking a leap of faith before the new season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills sta...

Prince Harry Is Losing His Hair Like Older Brother William

12/1/2015 1:18pm EST
Is Prince Harry Going Bald? Ginger Royal Reveals Thinning Hair W
Prince Harry is currently doing some charity work in South Africa and inadvertently showed off his thinning hair to photographers during a training session with some rugby players.

On Dec. 1 he visited the Shark's rugby club during the fourth day of his tour in Durban. At one point the prince fooled around with the mascot, trying to put his head into the shark's mouth. At that moment, everyone could see the top of his head -- which showed a large balding spot on his crown.

His brother William has been losing his hair for quite some time, so it's not really that surprising.

Harry, 31, is ...