Vicki Gunvalson Working On Killer Revenge Body With Scary Trend

10/6/2015 2:50pm EDT
Vicki Gunvalson
Vicki Gunvalson is single and could be focusing on herself these days. A few weeks ago, Brooks Ayers broke up with her, leaving her completely heartbroken. Vicki issued a statement about the split, revealing that they remain friends. But she never truly revealed why they were separating or why he was moving to Florida. But like any woman going through a horrible heartbreak, she is working on her revenge body.

According to a new tweet, Vicki Gunvalson is now following other celebrities who are using the waist trainer to get in shape. Gunvalson posted a picture of herself in the waist traine...

This 'Undetected' Medical Condition Killed 13-Year-Old YouTube Sensation

10/6/2015 2:42pm EDT
Caleb Logan Bratayley
In an update to the sudden death of a 13-Year-Old YouTube star, his family revealed Caleb Logan Bratayley's cause of death was due to a form of heart disease. Sadly, it is often fatal because there's usually no symptoms beforehand.

On Tuesday, hours after his family posted a message about Caleb Logan Bratayley's untimely death, his mother, Katie, posted information on Instagram about what killed her beloved son.

"Caleb's death has raised many questions about how and why this could happen to a seemingly healthy boy. Sadly, tests have confirmed today that Caleb passed away from an undetec...

How To Burn Fat And Still Eat Carbs!

10/6/2015 2:27pm EDT
Healthy Foods That Burn Fat
Burning off excess fat requires a person to pay attention both to their exercise routine, but also their diet.

Without careful attention to the food that is taken into the body, a person may never reach their body goals.

Luckily, adjusting the diet for fat loss doesn't just require cutting back on food. Dieters can still enjoy many foods that actually help to raise their metabolism and burn off the excess fat.

In addition to this, these foods contain nutrients that help fuel the body for exercise.

Here are 14 of the best things to eat to burn fat...

Whole Grains

Because these grai...

Vicki Gunvalson Questioning Brooks After The Reunion!

10/6/2015 2:17pm EDT
Vicki Gunvalson
Vicki Gunvalson has defended her long-time boyfriend Brooks Ayers for quite some time. She strongly believed that he has cancer and continued to defend him to the other ladies. She claims that she went to doctors’ appointments, saw test results and even saw him throwing up. But it sounds like the other ladies may have enough information about him to change Vicki’s mind. Since they have broken up, she doesn’t have to defend him anymore.

According to a new report, Vicki Gunvalson may have changed her mind about Brooks after filming the reunion special. It is no secret that Brooks didn’t show...

'Steve Jobs' Star Michael Fassbender: 'I Studied Ashton Kutcher'

10/6/2015 1:52pm EDT
'Steve Jobs' Star Michael Fassbender Throws Shade At Previous 'J
There's potentially a new celebrity beef going on, and while it isn't exactly Drake vs. Meek Mill, it's still pretty funny. Unless your name is Ashton Kutcher.

Michael Fassbender, who plays the role of Steve Jobs in the upcoming movie of the same name, is currently making the rounds promoting the Universal Pictures flick.

Fassbender has had to answer the question of how he prepared for the role of playing the late Apple founder and CEO numerous times, but it's what he said during a press conference in New York this week that's getting a few laughs across the Internet.

"I studied Ashton K...

Jenelle Evans Gets Stitches: She Explains Odd Incident

10/6/2015 1:13pm EDT
Jenelle Evans
Jenelle Evans is dating, having fun and moving on from Nathan Griffith these days. Jenelle wants to be a good mother to her two children and start her work in the medical field. She recently relocated to North Carolina so she could be closer to Jace, who is still living with her mother. Evans is now dating a new man named David Eason and they have been going out on dates. But when Jenelle ended up in the ER over the weekend, fans were wondering if she got into another physical fight.

According to a new report, Jenelle Evans is now revealing that there are no physical fights involved with ...

Lisa Vanderpump On 'Vanderpump Rules': 'This Season Is Really Intense'

10/6/2015 12:57pm EDT
Lisa Vanderpump
Lisa Vanderpump may be filming The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills these days, but her own spin-off show Vanderpump Rules is coming to an end. The new season is premiering soon and Vanderpump is now revealing that it is possibly the best season ever. The new season will premiere on November 2 and a new cast member is on the show. And of course, new server Lala is causing quite the stir at SUR.

According to a new report, Lisa Vanderpump is now revealing that the season will be very good and fans can expect to see a great season. Of course, Lala will cause some troubles, there will be marit...

Was Amal Clooney Drunk When She Flashed Photographers?

10/6/2015 12:43pm EDT
George Clooney and wife Amal Alamuddin
George Clooney's wife, Amal Alamuddin, flashed a bit more than she likely intended to in an embarrassing moment over the weekend. Amal Clooney is known for speaking well, being a brilliant attorney-at-law, and giving Princess Kate Middleton a run for her money in the fashion department. It was the wardrobe malfunction seen from around the world.

According to a report, insiders say after allegedly having one (or more) too many drinks, George's wife obliged paparazzi with some flashy bonus assets normally reserved for hubby Clooney. The human rights attorney and Gravity actor were in London'...

Could Vicki Gunvalson Go Back To Her Ex?

10/6/2015 12:39pm EDT
Vicki Gunvalson and Don
Vicki Gunvalson was shocked when Brooks Ayers decided to break up with her in the middle of the Real Housewives of Orange County season. Gunvalson had defended him over his illness and it sounds like he was getting fed up with the accusations. Instead of sticking with Gunvalson, he decided to leave the state and move to Florida to deal with his illness. She was heartbroken and this split is enough for her. She has no plans of getting back with him.

According to a new report, Vicki Gunvalson is now revealing that she is completely done with Brooks and she has no plans of forgiving him. “I’m...

Secrets, Scandals Of The Brady Bunch Cast Not Made For Family TV

10/6/2015 12:34pm EDT
The Brady Bunch Parents
Just the mention of The Brady Bunch, and fans that watched the '70s sitcom think pleasant thoughts -- and swoon over Greg and Marcia Brady. The Bradys represented all that is good in America. However, a shocking report reveals secrets about the fictional family that may make you forget the lyrics to the theme song. Yea, the Brady scandal is just that gasp-worthy.

According to a report by Radar Online, several cast members of the Brady Bunch have skeletons in their closets that are to imagine, all things considered. Nine characters made up the Brady family: Florence Henderson and Robert Ree...