Meet The Top 24 'Idol' Contestants

2/5/2016 2:22pm EST
'American Idol' 2016 Recap: Meet The Top 24--Did Your Favorite M
After two intense weeks in Hollywood, the American Idol 2016 contestants found out their Idol fate last night. Judges Harry Connick Jr., Keith Urban, and Jennifer Lopez saw each individual to give them bad or good news.

For the majority of the American Idol hopefuls, it was the end of the road. For a chosen few, it was the beginning of an even bigger journey. After a two-hour broadcast, American Idol's final 51 became a final 24.

The episode started off with Stephany Negrete getting the news about her Idol future. Stephany became the first contestant to make it into the top 24 on American...

Italian Actor Declared Brain Dead After Accidental Hanging

2/5/2016 12:30pm EST
Italian Actor Raphael Schumacher Brain Dead Following Horrifying
Italian actor Raphael Schumacher is brain dead, according to medics who treated the star following a horrifying set accident over the weekend. Schumacher, 27, was accidentally strangled in a hanging scene during a live production of "Mirages" on Sunday during a performance at the Teatro Lux venue in Pisa, Italy.

Even though Schumacher's head was covered during the scene, a female spectator and medical graduate saw him struggle and realized something was wrong. She and another spectator loosened the noose and lowered him to the ground after which he was transported to the hospital.

The act...

Forgotten Friday Flick – The Comedy/Drama 'Ghost Town'

2/5/2016 12:20pm EST
Forgotten Friday Flick - 'Ghost Town'
Heading down the power of love path we’re here once again pre-Valentine’s Day to point out that past cinematic chemistry is alive and well – welcome to Forgotten Friday Flick. Today’s selection is an odd one to find affection within, but bitter beggars can’t be choosers. It’s the story of a cynical man who prefers to be alone that suddenly becomes to the toast of the town – for dead people! With plenty of laughter and a special lady along the way, it’s a weird but worthwhile road down to…"Ghost Town!"

Bertram Pincus hates people. A sarcastic and cynical person who enjoys being al...

Burger King Employees Vandalize Restaurant After Prank Call

2/5/2016 11:10am EST
Burger King
Several Burger King employees destroyed the restaurant after a prank phone. None of the workers are facing charges.

Burger King employees busted windows and smashed up the building, which resulted in $35,000 in damages due to someone scaring them into believing their lives were in danger.

6 ABC reports that someone tricked the Burger King employees into vandalizing the restaurant because of a gas leak. Police say someone called the restaurant in Morro Bay to inform them of a gas leak … instructing them to smash all the windows and ventilate the building. One of the employees even used a c...

Facebook Removes Medical Marijuana Dispensary Pages

2/5/2016 10:49am EST
medical marijuana
Facebook is removing pages run by medical marijuana dispensaries. Three dispensaries in New Jersey and several others in the nation had their Facebook pages taken down by the site as of Feb. 4.

Medical marijuana users are outraged at Facebook for targeting dispensaries’ profiles, according to

The Breakwater Wellness and Treatment Center and Compassionate Sciences Alternative Treatment Center in New Jersey had their Facebook pages disabled on Feb. 2.

Facebook’s “Community Terms and Standards” does not permit advertisements of prescription, illegal or recreational drugs.


Student Fights School To Wear Confederate Flag Attire

2/5/2016 10:28am EST
Teen Confederate flag
A student in Illinois is fighting to wear his Confederate flag attire to school. Prophetstown High School sophomore, Chris Kulla, wants to wear clothing and other accessories that feature the controversial symbol.

Sauk Valley reports that the 15-year-old has been suspended 10 times in school over his attire, but he just served the first on at Prophetstown on Jan. 22.

The student fighting to wear Confederate flag clothing at school has been cited for dress code violations. He reportedly was suspended for a half-day at Prophetstown for being insubordinate to school principal, Mr. Johnson.


Two Former Nickelodeon Stars To Reunite In 'Grandfathered'

2/5/2016 10:21am EST
'Grandfathered' Star Josh Peck Welcomes Former Co-Star Drake Bel
Josh Peck welcomed his former on-screen Nickelodeon brother for a guest-starring stint on his Fox series "Grandfathered."

According to Entertainment Tonight," Drake Bell has filmed his appearance on the popular Fox comedy show.

On Tuesday's all-new episode, Bell guest stars as Kirk, a flashy tech investor whom Gerald (Peck) and Vanessa (Christina Milian) are desperate to meet so they can pitch their new app idea.

But he turns out to be not the type of person they think they want to work with.

Bell and Peck have been trying to work together for years in some capacity since their popular ...

Ben Carson Reduces Campaign Staff

2/5/2016 10:17am EST
Ben Carson
Ben Carson is cutting back his staff in his presidential run. He finished fourth in the Iowa Caucus election after leading Donald Trump in November.

Fox News reports that Carson announced his plans to scale back his campaign staff on Thursday afternoon, but he'll remain in the race.

“We will be able to continue the campaign right until Cleveland," Carson said

The Republican National Convention will take place in Cleveland.

The New Hampshire primary is coming up on Feb. 9 and Ben Carson announced plans to cut back his staff just before it. According to the Washington Post, Carson plans t...

Kenya Moore Has Some Words For Cynthia Bailey

2/5/2016 10:08am EST
Sheree Whitfield
Kenya Moore had bonded with Cynthia Bailey over the past year. Cynthia used to be close friends with NeNe Leakes, so when their friendship went sour, Kenya stepped in to get close with Cynthia. And while Moore thought that they were best friends, she was shocked to learn that Bailey didn’t feel the same way. According to a new report, Kenya Moore now has a few words for her co-star.

“A true friend not only defends you in your presence but in your absence. This is a woman I have adored for over four years and I consider her my sister. When she denied me, it just felt a little too much like ...

Sheree Whitfield Could Refuel Failed Marriage To Bob Whitfield

2/5/2016 10:00am EST
Sheree Whitfield
Sheree Whitfield has hinted that she has nothing left for her ex-husband, Bob Whitfield, on previous episodes of The Real Housewives of Atlanta. Sheree even took him to court in hopes of getting child support and their relationship has been up and down for years. So everyone was surprised when Whitfield decided to bring Bob on a cast trip to Jamaica - a couple’s trip! Are they back together. According to a new report, Sheree Whitfield reveals they are not back together, but they are working on it for the sake of their kids.

“I do not care what anyone says, but no one gets married hoping fo...