Trump Refuses To Apologize After Mocking Disabled Reporter

11/27/2015 2:30am EST
Donald Trump Says He Has 'Tremendous Respect' For The Physically
Just two days after Donald Trump mocked New York Times reporter Serge Kovaleski, who has a physical disability, the Republican presidential candidate refuses to apologize for his actions. Instead, he claims that he was just imitating a person "groveling" and had no idea that the reporter has arthrogryposis, a joint condition that limits his arm movements.

According to NBC, Trump was at a rally in South Carolina on November 24 and attempted to defend his claim that "thousands of Muslims in New Jersey" celebrated as the World Trade Center collapsed in the September 11 attacks. He tried to ba...

Taylor Swift Doesn't Approve Of BFF's New Boyfriend?

11/27/2015 1:38am EST
Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift is rumored to be unhappy that her BFF, Gigi Hadid, is dating Zayn Malik. The “Bad Blood” singer might have reason to feel a twinge of angst over her friend seeing the former One Direction band member when you consider the fact her boyfriend, Calvin Harris, had an ongoing feud via Twitter with him over the summer.

Hollywood Life reports that Hadid and Malik were photographed together on Nov. 22 following Justin Bieber's after-party on the night of the AMAs. As the LA Times reports, there have been two sightings of the pair.

It might be a little awkward for Swift to have her mo...

What Are The Best Apple Store Black Friday Deals This Year?

11/26/2015 10:55pm EST
2015 Apple Store Black Friday Ad Goes Live? Shoppers Head To Bes
What are the best 2015 Apple Store Black Friday deals? Holiday shoppers who have been waiting to see if the company will reveal any big deals on Friday may be a little disappointed. This year, Apple is getting out of the Black Friday game and leaving the discounts up to its authorized retailers.

Best Buy, Target, Staples, and Walmart are offering big discounts on iPads, MacBooks, iPhones and the Apple Watch, so there's no trip to the Apple store needed. (See some of the best deals below)

9 to 5 Mac reports that Apple’s SVP of Retail and Online Stores, Angela Ahrendts said that Apple has d...

Obama Sees Syrian Refugees As Pilgrims

11/26/2015 10:37pm EST
Obama Refugees Pilgrims
President Obama sees Syrian refugees in the same light as the pilgrims who made their voyage to the United States back in 1620.

On Thanksgiving Day, Obama addressed the nation and took the opportunity to remind Americans of their own blessings and to welcome refugees, ABC News reports.

“In 1620, a small band of pilgrims came to this continent, refugees who had fled persecution and violence in their native land,” Obama said. “Nearly 400 years later, we remember their part in the American story – and we honor the men and women who helped them in their time of need.”

According to a letter f...

Leftover Turkey? These Post-Thanksgiving Recipes Take Minutes To Make

11/26/2015 9:02pm EST
These Leftover Turkey Recipes May Be The Best Part Of Thanksgivi
Another Thanksgiving is in the books leaving many people across the nation with just two questions: Who wants to help with the dishes and what should we do with all of the turkey leftovers?

Doing dishes is the easy part. Figuring out how many days you can incorporate the leftover turkey into your meal plan before you get sick of it? That may pose a problem. Fortunately, there are dozens of tasty recipes that will make use of turkey that didn't get gobbled up on Thanksgiving.

Preparing a quick-and-easy turkey and white bean chili, shepherd's pie, or a pot full of turkey soup will save you ...

Homeless Man Found In Possession Of Machine Guns

11/26/2015 6:51pm EST
Homeless Man Machine Guns
Hearing that a homeless man is in possession of machine guns isn't something that sounds typical for police to encounter.

A man in California was discovered with a cache of machine guns by police while they were inspecting a homeless camp he was a part of. Los Angeles County authorities arrested the man on multiple weapons violations over the weekend when they uncovered the guns. He had five firearms, with two of them being “operable World War II-era” machine guns, Fox News reports.

Sheriff’s Detective Dennis Elmore said deputies were patrolling a homeless camp in Harbor City and arrested...

Brandi Glanville Depressed: LeAnn Gets The Kids!

11/26/2015 5:00pm EST
Brandi Glanville Depressed Without Her Kids: 'RHOBH' Star Relyin
Brandi Glanville isn’t filming The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills full-time these days, but she is working hard on her line of wines. She is now shipping to customers around the world and she is working hard on getting the bottles into liquor stores around the United States. And while she is busy with her various businesses, she does have two sons who live with her half the time. But sadly, they will be with their father this holiday season.

According to a new tweet, Brandi Glanville is now angry, upset and depressed that her two sons will be spending their holidays with their step-mothe...

LeAnn Rimes Shows Off Her Step-Mom Role On Thanksgiving

11/26/2015 4:41pm EST
LeAnn Rimes Celebrates Thanksgiving With Eddie’s Sons
LeAnn Rimes may be super busy with her work schedule, but she does take the time she needs to be with her family. LeAnn met her husband, Eddie Cibrian, when they were both married to other people. Rimes married Cibrian, even though he was the father of two sons. And this Thanksgiving, she is quite thankful for these two boys.

According to a new Instagram post, LeAnn is now revealing that she’s celebrating Thanksgiving with her husband, Eddie Cibrian, and his two sons. Of course, LeAnn is a step-mother and she has accepted this role. And this Thanksgiving, she is very thankful for her famil...

Robert Herjavec Thinks Steve Irwin Would Be Proud

11/26/2015 4:30pm EST
Robert Herjavec and Kym Johnson
Robert Herjavec may not have won Dancing With The Stars last season, but he did win a new girlfriend and he did win some confidence. Prior to going on Dancing With The Stars, Robert felt suicidal and he was heartbroken that his marriage was over. But his dance partner, Kym Johnson, saved his wife and they have now been dating for six months. And since Robert’s life changed on the show, he understands what emotions Bindi Irwin is going through after winning the Mirrorball trophy.

According to a new tweet, Robert Herjavec is now congratulating Bindi on her big Dancing With The Stars win. And...

Surrogate Mom Pressured By Babies' Father To Abort

11/26/2015 4:22pm EST
A surrogate mother is being pressured to abort the babies she's carrying because a single man in Georgia doesn't want triplets.

Melissa Cook, 47, lives in California. She contracted with a 20-year-old man to have two of his babies, but he's now threatening legal action if she doesn't get an abortion because he doesn't want triplets.

Originally, it was believed she was carrying twins. Doctors often implant surrogates with more than one embryo during in-vetro fertilization in case one of the fetuses can't fully develop. In this instance, the embryos are doing well and it was determined that...