New Albums You Need To Check Out This Week

2/9/2016 4:00pm EST
Vince Gill’s 'Down To My Last Bad Habit' Leads Albums To Check O
After Wiz Khalifa (Khalifa) and Future (EVOL) kicked off February 2016 with a bang, things settle down a bit this week. Even so, a longtime country veteran (Vince Gill) leads the charge this week with an anticipated new album. Gill’s not the only country artist in the mix, as Wynonna Judd, Joey + Rory, and Wheeler Walker, Jr. join the party as well. It’s not all country though – there are some American Idols in the mix this week as well.

1) Vince Gill, Down To My Last Bad Habit (MCA Nashville)

Following 2013 collaborative country album Bakersfield (with Paul Franklin), Vince Gill ret...

5 Things We Know About Deadpool That You Should Know

2/9/2016 2:35pm EST
5 Things We Know About 'Deadpool,' A Superhero Movie Unlike Any
If you think this weekend’s new release Deadpool is just another superhero movie, think again. This one is unlike any you’ve ever seen, and especially unlike the other ones starring Ryan Reynolds. Here are five things we already know about Deadpool, which opens Friday.

1) Ryan Reynolds wanted this bad. - Reynolds was attached to play Deadpool as early as 2004, in a script by Blade and The Dark Knight writer David S. Goyer. He got the chance to play him in 2009‘s X-Men Origins: Wolverine, but only as second fiddle to Hugh Jackman. His hope was to get his own movie after introducing Deadpool...

What Happened To DMX?

2/9/2016 1:52pm EST
DMX fell unconscious at a hotel in New York City on Monday night, but there's mixed reports about the cause of his collapse.

Police in Yonkers responded to a call about an unconscious male who was on the ground in a parking lot, reports TMZ. According to the website, they determined the rapper was "lifeless, not breathing with no pulse and immediately began CPR."

Authorities were able to get his pulse back. Police at the scene gave him a drug to revive him until he became "semi-conscious" before he was transported to the hospital.

A witness claimed DMX used a powder before falling uncon...

Did Ben Higgins Gets Advice From Production?

2/9/2016 1:46pm EST
'Bachelor' Producer Gave Ben Higgins Advice About Olivia
Bachelor star Ben Higgins is learning what it is like to go through the Bachelor experience. The women are becoming catty and they are fighting to get his attention. And last night, there was plenty of drama with Leah, Olivia and Lauren B. And it sounds like Ben hasn’t made his decisions all by himself. While Chris Harrison is always a shoulder to lean on, now producers are also getting involved.

According to a new tweet, Bachelor star Ben Higgins may have gotten some advice from producer and writer, Mike Fleiss. Mike has been live tweeting along with the nation, who watched Monday’s episo...

The Browns Might Be In Huge Trouble Over Johnny Manziel

2/9/2016 1:41pm EST
Johnny Manziel
The Browns reportedly lied to conceal Johnny Manziel's drinking issues, according to new information from the NFL network.

Manziel allegedly showed up to practice drunk at the end of the season, right before his famous Las Vegas trip.

“Johnny Manziel, going into what would have been a start late in the season, showed up drunk at practice on a Wednesday. The Browns lied and said he was in the concussion protocol. Let me repeat that: The Browns lied, to try to protect, and I would argue enable, this irresponsible and very troubled young man,” Mike Silver said on the air on NFL Network.


Is Gretchen Rossi Pregnant?

2/9/2016 1:14pm EST
Gretchen Rossi
Real Housewives of Orange County star Gretchen Rossi may be super busy with her business, her fashion empire and with her future husband, Slade Smiley, but there’s something on her mind; a baby. It is no secret that Gretchen really wants a child and she’s even gone through IVF treatments to get there. And according to a new Instagram post, Gretchen Rossi is now sharing the news of an upcoming birth!

“Baby Langston on his way to us #ThankYouLordForThisBlessing #CollegeRoomates #CollegeBestFriends #Baylor,” Gretchen revealed on Instagram, sharing a picture of herself with some friends and he...

Farrah Abraham On Sophia: Fully Supports Daughter Wearing Makeup

2/9/2016 1:00pm EST
Farrah Abraham
Farrah Abraham has been criticized for many things, including her parenting. Just over the past few episodes of Teen Mom, Farrah’s daughter Sophia has told her to stop yelling at her mother, as she’s tired of the negative environment. Even little Sophia understands that yelling, crying and judgments are not right. But Farrah is now making headlines over a new picture that could put her through quite the media storm. According to a new tweet, Farrah Abraham is now defending her actions for putting makeup on her young daughter.

“Don't hate on #Hair #Makeup @MTV So cute,” Farrah revealed on T...

Cam Newton Shares Why He's Not A Good Loser

2/9/2016 12:51pm EST
Cam Newton
Cam Newton walked out of his Super Bowl 50 press conference after only saying 80 words. He was criticized for his behavior but he told Jonathan Jones of the Charlotte Observer, he has no regrets about the way he handled himself after the game.

“I’ve been on record to say I’m a sore loser,” Newton said on Tuesday morning during an exit interview. “Who likes to lose? You show me a good loser and I’m going to show you a loser.”

Newton went up to Peyton Manning after the game and congratulated him with a smile on his face. When it came to the presser, Newton's attitude changed. He only laste...

Leah Messer Gives Update After Rehab

2/9/2016 12:45pm EST
Leah Messer
Leah Messer has been keeping to herself over the past couple of months. Last season on Teen Mom, Messer revealed that she was stressed out, tired and needed some time to recover. She decided to go to rehab to get her life back on track, and Messer stayed there for a few weeks. Her then-husband, Jeremy Calvert, agreed that it was the right move for her, but added that he was going through with a divorce. Since then, Leah has been trying to get her life back on track. According to a new tweet, Leah Messer is now revealing she’s healthy.

“Don't mind my faces, just being fun. I don't know if I...

Zayn Malik's Scores Big With Solo Track

2/9/2016 12:25pm EST
Zayn Malik's First Solo Single 'Pillowtalk' Debuts At No. 1 On B
Former One Direction singer Zayn Malik scored his first number one solo track with the tune "Pillowtalk."

The pop singer/songwriter bested his highest charting tune with One Direction when the band scored a number two hit with "Best Song Ever" in 2013.

One Direction has never scored a number one hit on the Billboard chart.

According to Billboard, Malik's "Pillowtalk," is the 25th song ever to debut at No. 1 on the Hot 100.

The last to do so, according to Billboard, was Adele's "Hello" back in November of 2015.

"Pillowtalk" also scored huge on the Digital Songs and Streaming Songs chart...