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Is Mischa Barton Dating Former 'DWTS' Partner?

4/30/2016 1:15pm EDT
Mischa Barton Linked To 'DWTS' Artem Chigvintsev
Are Mischa Barton and Artem Chigvintsev dating?

According to Entertainment Tonight, the former Dancing With The Stars partners were spotted on what appeared to be a romantic date at The Little Door in Los Angeles. After dinner, the two headed to celebrity hotspot, Chateau Marmont, where Mischa introduced Artem to some of her friends.

However, while sources confirmed that the two were indeed romantically linked, a rep for Dancing With The Stars was quick to shoot down the rumors.

"Mischa and Artem are not dating. The experience of Dancing with the Stars has a tendency to really bond partn...

Eva Mendes' Brother Has Died

4/30/2016 12:26pm EDT
Eva Mendes' Brother Dies Of Cancer
Eva Mendes' older brother has died after battling cancer. According to People Magazine, 53-year-old Carlos Mendez died on April 17. The news was confirmed by Eva's other brother, Carlo, on Instagram.

"With absolute pain and sadness in my heart this is the hardest thing I've ever had to go through in my life and as I'm writing this I'm still in disbelief. My brother has passed away peacefully this morning. I want to thank you all from the bottom of my heart for those who have prayed and have kept my brother in your thoughts and who wished him to get better. He fought with all his might and ...

Blac Chyna Won't Be On 'KUWTK' -- Or Will She?

4/30/2016 12:11pm EDT
Blac Chyna Not Filming 'KUWTK,' Blocked By Kris Jenner?
Will Blac Chyna be on the upcoming season of Keeping Up With The Kardashians? Since Rob Kardashian is going to be back on the show, many are wondering if his fiancee with also be featured. However, sources say that Blac Chyna will not be on the show and isn't getting paid to be a part of the Kardashian-Jenner circus.

"Blac is not filming the show. She didn't film with anyone from the family," a source said, according to The Hollywood Gossip.

Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian have been dating for a few months but are said to be really in love. While Rob did pop the question, the two have staye...

Andy Cohen Speaks Out About 'Live!'

4/30/2016 10:53am EDT
Kelly Ripa Quiting 'Live!' After Andy Cohen Says He Can't Do Sho
Andy Cohen says that he's too busy to co-host Live! with his BFF Kelly Ripa. According to Us Weekly, Cohen's name has come up when talking about who could replace Michael Strahan.

"I’ve kind of said everything I had to say about it. I have 10 jobs," Cohen said, seemingly explaining that he simply cannot join the show because he's too busy. "I have my own late-night talk show that’s on every night at 11 o’clock!” Cohen added.

Andy Cohen defended Kelly Ripa after the Live! host was blindsided by Michael Strahan and by ABC.

"When I look at this whole situation, it's worth noting that the tw...

Here Are Two Great Reasons To Eat Chocolate Daily

4/30/2016 9:39am EDT
Eating Chocolate Every Day Has Two Surprising Health Benefits, S
Here's some good news for chocolate lovers. Eating a moderate amount of the treat every day may lower the risk of diabetes and heart disease.

In a new study published in the British Journal of Nutrition, participants who consumed chocolate every day had reduced insulin resistance and improved liver enzyme levels than those who did not eat chocolate daily.

A diet that includes tea and coffee may boost chocolate's benefits for cardiometabolic risk because the drinks include antioxidants polyphenols, according to the researchers.

Cardiometabolic is a person's likelihood of developing diabet...

Chelsea Houska Has The Best Experience Ever!

4/30/2016 9:23am EDT
Chelsea Houska
Chelsea Houska has been looking for that dream home for a while, as showcased on Teen Mom. Chelsea and Cole DeBoer thought they had found their dream home, but it was quickly taken away from them when someone else decided to put in an all-cash offer on the home they wanted. Houska’s struggle to find the perfect home continues on Teen Mom, but it sounds like she may have found another home these days. Based on her Instagram posts, it sounds like she’s living in the country.

According to a new Instagram post, Chelsea Houska is now revealing that she had a unique experience with some cows in ...

Jenelle Evans Putting Kaiser In Danger?

4/30/2016 8:22am EDT
Jenelle Evans
Jenelle Evans claims she has moved on with a great guy and Teen Mom fans met him just a few weeks ago. Evans believes that David Eason is a great guy for her, but her ex-boyfriend Nathan Griffith isn’t exactly thrilled with this new guy. Nathan has been doing some digging and he has learned that Eason is actually a felon. And he clearly isn’t happy that his son, Kaiser, is caught in the middle. Nathan doesn’t want his son to develop a friendship with David.

According to a new report, Jenelle Evans got a huge win last week when she was found “not guilty” in the assault case that plagued he...

Cary Deuber Says LeeAnne Locken Is Jealous Of Her!

4/30/2016 7:17am EDT
Cary Deuber
Cary Deuber is learning who her friends are in Dallas. On this week’s episode of The Real Housewives of Dallas, Cary sat down for lunch with Stephanie Hollman and LeeAnne Locken and she quickly learned that LeeAnne had a mission. She wanted to let all of her co-stars know that they weren’t measuring up in the charity world. Cary revealed in her blog for the show that she had no interest in even bring friends with LeeAnne, especially after her treatment of her.

According to a new report, Cary Deuber was asked about LeeAnne in an interview for Bravo and she hinted that Locken may just be je...

Did Kim Zolciak Have Plastic Surgery To Look Like Her Daughter?

4/30/2016 6:16am EDT
Brielle Biermann
Brielle Biermann is a huge fan of her mother, Kim Zolciak, and the two have a great relationship. Brielle will often pop up on Kim’s Instagram feed and the two are starting to look more and more like each other. In fact, they look so much like each other that people are starting to guess that Kim has had surgery to look like her daughter. There have been plenty of rumors about Brielle getting surgery to look more like her mother, but she’s never admitted to getting this kind of surgery. Now, according to a new report, Brielle Biermann reveals that her mother has not had surgery to look like...

NCAA Stands Against North Carolina's Bathroom Law

4/29/2016 9:54pm EDT
The NCAA is the latest major organization to condemn North Carolina's Public Facilities Privacy & Security Act. The bill states that people must use the restrooms assigned to the sex they were born with rather than the one they identify with. It's faced extreme criticism as being discriminatory against transgender people.

According to a press release, the events in all divisions — from the Men’s and Women’s Final Fours to educational events such as leadership development conferences" demonstrate that they will provide discrimination-free environments for athletes, spectators and other pe...