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Floyd Mayweather Brings In Drake, Future For Daughter's Sweet Sixteen

5/22/2016 4:54pm EDT
Floyd Mayweather Jr. Throws Crazy Sweet Sixteen For Daughter
Floyd Mayweather Jr. threw his daughter a birthday party. Since Mayweather is a bald man who spends up to $3,000 on week haircuts, it wasn't just any birthday party. It was an expensive one.

Iyanna turned 16, and so, her father dropped over seven figures to celebrate the day.

First, Mayweather had a BBQ in the afternoon. Later in the night, he booked out the Mirage Grand Ballroom in Las Vegas.

While Justin Bieber couldn't be there in person, Mayweather had his friend Justin record Iyanna special happy birthday wishes.

Money Mayweather also brought in Drake and Future to perform as...

Johnny Manziel Gets Dumped By Drake?

5/22/2016 4:08pm EDT
Has Johnny Manziel Been Kicked Out Of Drake's Inner Circle?
Johnny Manziel reportedly got into it with another patron at Jewel Nightclub at the Aria resort in Las Vegas.

Did the fight also signal the end of his friendship with Drake?

Just a couple of weeks ago, Manziel promoted Drake's new album "Views from the Six" on Instagram. The quarterback's relationship with Drake goes back several years. Manziel's still regularly spotted with Drake's friend Ryan. But, the rapper seems to be drifting further and further away. Now, it seems the six god doesn't care if Manziel's even allowed in the club with him.

From TMZ:

Johnny Manziel was removed from...

Magic Johnson Talks Partying With Prince

5/22/2016 2:59pm EDT
Magic Johnson
Lakers legend Magic Johnson and Prince were both pretty big party guys back in the day. After Prince passed away, Johnson tweeted that he loved Prince so much, he would follow him around the world to see his concerts. For the music and for other activities.

When you went to a Prince concert, he had you partying until you couldn't party any more.

— Earvin Magic Johnson (@MagicJohnson) April 21, 2016

During an appearance on the "Jimmy Kimmel Show," Johnson shared more details about his friendship with Prince. Mostly about the crazy parties.

Johnson used to own a chain of movie theat...

Luann de Lesseps Would Never Battle In Business With Bethenny Frankel

5/22/2016 11:26am EDT
Luann De Lesseps
Luann de Lesseps was surprised when she heard that Sonja Morgan was creating a Processo line called Tipsy Girl. Morgan was convinced that Bethenny Frankel would completely support her, even though the business names were so similar. de Lesseps would never name an alcohol line with the name “Girl” because of her friendship with Frankel. According to a new report, Luann de Lesseps is now revealing that she’s shocked that Sonja didn’t realize that Bethenny would be upset with the name.

“Sonja is humble about her Prosecco business, and she doesn’t think she’ll be a threat to Bethenny’s Skinnyg...

Bethenny Frankel Feels Bad For Sonja Morgan?

5/22/2016 9:28am EDT
Bethenny Frankel On Sonja Morgan: 'Her Idea Can't Touch My Brand
Bethenny Frankel was furious when she learned that Sonja Morgan was launching a Prosecco line very similar to her own. Plus, she named it Tipsy Girl, a name that was very similar to Skinnygirl. While Sonja was convinced that Bethenny would be very supportive of her, she was shocked when Frankel said that she wanted nothing to do with her. According to a new report, Bethenny Frankel is now revealing how she feels after watching the episode again.

“The Sonja situation was just kind of sad. Obviously, her idea can’t touch my brand. There is no product or distribution. It is a made-for-televi...

Luann de Lesseps Talks About Her Ex-Boyfriend Rey

5/22/2016 6:24am EDT
Luann de Lesseps
Luann de Lesseps has dated several men and she has revealed that she wants to find the right man and she needs to date to find him. de Lesseps has dated several men and she kept predicting that she would find love on this season of the show. And while she is indeed engaged now, Luann did have a run-in with the past on this week’s episode of The Real Housewives of New York. According to a new report, Luann de Lesseps wasn’t pleased when she ran into her stalker, Rey.

“How did my stalker Rey get invited to this soiree? Or was he invited? I couldn’t run away fast enough, and it’s a good thing...

Organizers Prepare For The Olympic Village To Be Crazy

5/21/2016 11:27pm EDT
Rio Has Perpared A Lot Of Condoms For The 2016 Rio Olympics
Rio is set to prevent the Olympics from causing another baby boom. The 2016 Rio Olympics will provide enough condoms for each athlete to have sex 84 times within the two week period.

Given, some athletes will be staying longer than two weeks.

Olympic organizers are distributing 450,000 condoms, with a 100,000 of those will be female condoms. This is three times as many as organizers provided in London for the last summer Games.

The Australian Olympic team will bring condoms with them to Brazil. You know, just in case the other 450,000 aren't enough.

The Australians will actually be ...

Check Your Ticket! Here Are Tonight's Winning Powerball Numbers

5/21/2016 10:23pm EDT
Winning Powerball Numbers May 21: $70 Million Jackpot Up For Gra
What are the winning Powerball numbers for May 21? Saturday night's jackpot is now up to $70 million with a cash payout of $46.6 million coming your way if your ticket matches all five white balls and the red Powerball number.

Scroll down to see if your ticket is tonight's big winner. If no one beats the 1 in 292 million odds, the jackpot will rise to at least $85 million for the next drawing on Wednesday, May 25.

The winning numbers will be posted below immediately after the 11 p.m. ET drawing.

Winning Powerball Numbers May 21: 5-7-9-23-32 PB 26 x4

Want to watch the live drawing o...

Mark Cuban To Be Hillary Clinton's Running Mate?

5/21/2016 7:53pm EDT
Mark Cuban Would Switch Parties To Be Hillary Clinton's Vice Pre
Mark Cuban is totally about sharing the White House with Hillary Rodham Clinton. Not that Clinton has asked him to or anything. But, if she does, Mark is ready to move into Obama's guest bedroom.

During an interview with NBC, Cuban said that he'd be willing to leave the Republican party to run as Clinton's Vice President.

"You've said that you would love to be Clinton's running mate as long as you were allowed to throw bombs at (Donald) Trump. If she really did come to you, would you listen?" NBC's Chuck Todd asked Cuban on "Meet the Press."

"Absolutely. But the key would be she would...

Who Does ‘Bachelorette' JoJo Sleep With In The Fantasy Suite?

5/21/2016 7:27pm EDT
Who Does ‘Bachelorette' JoJo Sleep With In The Fantasy Suite? Fi
The season premiere of JoJo Fletcher's season of the Bachelorette begins on Monday, May 23, but fans are already wondering which three men make it to the overnight dates, who sleeps with JoJo sleeps in the Fantasy Suite, and who is sent home just days before the final rose ceremony.

Filming for the overnight dates took place earlier this month in beautiful Hua Hin, Thailand shortly after she wrapped up her hometown dates with her four guys — Chase McNary, Jordan Rodgers, Luke Pell, and Robby Hayes.

Romance, magic, and a mystery face from the past!

— The Bachelor...