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'Gotham' Draws Big Numbers To A Not So Great Series Premiere

9/23/2014 2:22pm EDT
'Gotham' Draws Big Numbers To A Not So Great Series Premiere
Gotham premiered on Fox last night to a solid 3.2 rating and 8 million viewers.

The show explores the early career of Detective James Gordon's early days as a cop in New York City and how the major villains in the Batman series came to be.

But if you thought the show was going to be about anything other than Batman, the first scene was an indication otherwise. A young Bruce Wayne is shown witnessing the murder of his parents.

From there, the show goes on to introduce a whole host of villains who will play foil to our heroes throughout the next few seasons.

Yet even though most viewers o...

NFL Thursday Night: Ravens and Steelers Battle Tonight Under Ray Rice/NFL Controversy

9/11/2014 12:01pm EDT
Ray Rice
It seems like the Baltimore Ravens and Pittsburgh Steelers have the most heated battles in professional football. And the word "battle" is no understatement. Pittsburgh is no longer dominated by steel mining but they still play a smash mouth football that feels like they are swinging a steel pipe at their opponents. The Ravens are just downright scary. Ever see the Hitchock's "The Birds?" Yah, I couldn't sleep either.

The game is shadowed by the cloud of Ray Rice who was finally suspended for an indefinite period after the pathetic two game suspension that was handed down from Commissioner...

'Sin City' Star Jessica Alba Throws Out First Pitch At Dodger Stadium

8/18/2014 12:01pm EDT
Jessica Alba
Jessica Alba has shown off her athletic prowess in both Sin City and FOX's early 2000 TV show Dark Angel. And yesterday she demonstrated that she can not only perform with the assistance of multiple takes and stunt doubles, but on 100% live TV with no chance of the director yelling "cut."

Alba took to the top mound, after some adorable warm-up tosses with an unnamed Dodgers player, and delivered a pitch that would make even Randy Johnson proud (and 50 Cent envious).

Well, not exactly. The pitch was a little bit of a lob and would have probably hit the batter had there been one standing in...

Discovery's Shark Week Is Once Again A Must See

8/10/2014 6:30pm EDT
Discovery's Shark Week Is Once Again A Must See
In what must have seemed like a wild idea at the time for a young cable network, "Shark Week" debuted in 1988 and ratings nearly doubled for the Discovery Network. The channel decided to renew the weeklong special programming for a second season the following year and there has been no looking back.

When Shark Week 2014 premieres Sunday night, August 10th, it will be the 27th year of the program. With 14 hours of all new content, it will also be the biggest and most original year yet for the show. This season includes episodes with intriguing titles like “Sharkageddon,” “Zombie Sharks” and...

10 Classic 70's Films That All Millennials Should See

8/2/2014 11:00am EDT
10 Classic 70's Films That All Millennials Should See
The 1970s may seem like a lifetime ago but as millennials enter college and the workforce they should look to find conversation topics with professors and employers who entered their formative years during that decade. These ten films are not only some of the best of that decade but also innovative movies that jumpstarted entire genres. They are referenced often and contain some of the best quotes and plotlines in cinematic history. For millennials to be cultured and keep up a conversation with the prior generation, they need to see these ten movies.

10. Close Encounters of the Third Kind ...