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Justin Bieber Nails New Single 'Boyfriend' - Listen! (Audio)

March 26th, 2012 10:30am EDT | Vanessa Mujica By: Vanessa Mujica favorite Add to My News

Justin Bieber Cover Art

After impatiently waiting for more than two weeks for Justin Bieber’s brand new single, “Boyfriend”, the track was finally released at 12:00 AM this morning and is already climbing the charts (like we didn’t see that one coming). Oh! Did I mention it’s given me multiple eargasms?

The single features a more mature and versatile vocal performance than we’ve ever seen from the Biebs—mixing high and low melodies, whispers and some sick rap verses:

“Tell me what you like, yeah, tell me what you don’t. I could be your buzz light year, fly ya across the globe. I ain’t never wanna fight, yeah, you already know. I’m-a make you shine bright, like you’re layin’ in the snow…”

Call me crazy, but I think I see a mini Justin Timblerlake here, but with more swag and hotter of course. What? I can say that, he’s finally eighteen! Now, not only did JB deliver what I predict will be the #1 song on iTunes by today, but the beat, the lyrics and the entire production is insanely impressive; big props to Mike Posner for co-writing the single.

Listen to Justin Bieber's "Boyfriend" below!



I want to know what you guys think! Do you like Justin’s transition from his usual poppy songs to a more seductive, R&B sound? Or do you think he should stick to doing his old stuff?

Give your thoughts in the comments section above or tweet me and let me know!

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