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Joan and John are "The Two Jews on Film". They are married and see alot of movies eat alot of bagels. They usually disagree, but they tell it like it is. Or at least how they think it is...

'Escape Plan': Stallone & Schwarzenegger Flex Their Muscles And Manage To Entertain

10/18/2013 9:47am EDT
'Escape Plan'
Some films are works of art that you'll remember for years - films you'll want to watch over and over again. 'Escape Plan,' directed by Mikael Hafstrom, is not one of them. However, it is very entertaining, in a predictable sort of way.

Sylvestor Stallone plays Ray Breslin, the world's leading authority on prisons; building them, securing them and most importantly, breaking out of them.  

He's paid big bucks to engineer real life jailbreaks from high security correctional facilities.  In fact, Ray has a 100 per cent escape rate. 

When Breslin and his associates at B & C Security, Abigail...

'12 Years A Slave': Brutal Truth Told In This Must See Oscar Worthy Film

10/18/2013 2:18am EDT
'12 Years A Slave'
'12 Years a Slave' directed by the extremely talented, Steve McQueen, ('Shame') is simply put...Brilliant.

Written by John Ridley and based on Solomon Northrup's best selling memoir, published over 160 years ago, this is a true story of one man's fight for survival and freedom.
Eight years before the Civil War, Solomon Northup (Chiwetel Ejiofor) was a free black man from upstate New York. He is abducted on a trip to Washington D.C. and sold into slavery.
Facing immense cruelty by his malevolent slave owner, Edwin Epps (Michael Fassbender), Solomon struggles not only to stay alive, but ...

Review: 'Captain Phillips' Will Keep You On The Edge Of Your Seat Till The Credits Roll

10/10/2013 7:40am EDT
Captain Phillips
There are many reasons to see this film, but here's three.

Number One: This is one of the best directed films I've seen in 2013.

Number Two: Tom Hanks as Captain Phillips has never been better.  

Number Three: John, the other half of Two Jews On Film (the super critical half) awarded it with five bagels out of five.

'Captain Phillips' directed by Paul Greengrass is an edge of your seat thriller.  It's based on a true story that took place in 2009 off the coast of Africa. Somali pirates take an American sea captain hostage, while simultaneously, exposing the underlying economic divide th...

Review: 'Gravity' Is A Visual Masterpiece With Brilliant Acting

10/4/2013 1:06pm EDT
There are a few things that really scare me. Being buried alive is one, as well as being locked in a room with snakes and rats. But after watching the brilliant heart stopping thriller 'Gravity,' I can now say being stranded in space is on the list.

'Gravity' is directed by Alfonso Curaron ('Children of Men'), who co-wrote the script with his son Jonas. This film is not only breathtaking but ground breaking. When I left the theatre, I definitely felt that I'd been to deep space - that's how amazing the visual effects are. For those of you who are unfamiliar with what it's like in space, th...

'Don Jon' Joseph Gordon Levitt Proves He's A Triple Threat

9/26/2013 10:14pm EDT
'Don Jon'
Joseph Gordon Levitt is one talented actor and with his new film, 'Don Jon,' he shows us that acting is not the only thing he's good at.

Not only does Levitt star in this film, he wrote and directed it as well. Levitt plays Jon Martello, (aka Don Jon) an Italian American from New Jersey. Jon is single, works as a bartender. He loves to hang out with his buddies at the local clubs, loves to pick up girls and have sex with them and loves to watch internet porn.

In fact, Jon is addicted to porn. He watches it before sex, during sex and after sex. The dude can't get enough of it. And he just...

Review: 'Prisoners' A Dark, Disturbing, Twisted, And Must See Film

9/21/2013 7:21am EDT
From the moment 'Prisoners', directed by Denis Villeneuve began, I knew I was about to see a film that was really, really good. And I was not disappointed.

In fact, by the time the end-credits rolled, I was actually feeling 'creeped-out (in a good way, if that's possible) and that feeling stayed with me for several hours.

The film, written by Aaron Guzikowski ('Contraband') is a dark, twisted, thrilling ride about the very important subject of child abduction.

If you're wondering why would anyone want to see a movie about that subject - that is unfortunately in the news practically every...

'Rush' Is One Hell Of A Ride

9/19/2013 8:00pm EDT
'Rush' directed by two time Academy Award winner, Ron Howard ('A Beautiful Mind', 'Frost/Nixon') is supposedly, based on a true story.

I say supposedly, because like many 'true stories', there's a great deal of 'not so true' stuff thrown into the mix.

'Rush' written by Peter Morgan ('Frost/Nixon) depicts the intense rivalry between two Formula One race car drivers.

The flamboyant, English playboy, James Hunt (Chris Hemsworth, 'The Avengers, 'Thor') and his opponent, the overly controlled, Austrian, Niki Lauda (Daniel Bruhl, 'Inglorious Bastards) 

Hunt was the bad boy of racing.  When ...

Review: 'The Family' Not One You'd Like To Have Over For Dinner

9/13/2013 3:19pm EDT
The Family
Meet the Manzoni's. A family no different than your average family - mother, father, two children – except this family is in the United States Federal Witness Protection Program and they like to beat people up, or in the case of Daddy Manzoni, kill people.

Giovanni Manzoni (Robert De Niro) was a big time mob boss, who like many big time mob bosses, wound up snitching on his former cohorts. Not a good thing at all.

When we first meet Giovanni and his family his wife Maggie (Michelle Pfeiffer), daughter Belle (Dianna Agron) and son, Warren (John D'Leo) they have just been relocated to a sma...

'Insidious Chapter 2' Review: A Sequel That's Scary Good Fun

9/12/2013 11:55pm EDT
Insidious Chapter 2
For those of you who think your family has problems wait until you meet the Lamberts.

We were first introduced to them a few years back in the horror film; 'Insidious' and things have not gotten any better for them.

To refresh everyone's memory or in case you missed the first film, here's a brief synopsis about what transpired.

Josh Lambert (Patrick Wilson) and his Mrs., (Rose Bryne) thought their house was haunted and for a very good reason.

Their young son Dalton (Ty Simpkins) who had and still has the ability to travel out of his physical body, met the spirit of a really scary old wo...

'The World's End' Asks How Far Would You Go For A Pint Of Beer?

8/22/2013 1:15pm EDT
The World's End
We're all familiar with the quote, 'You can never go home again.'  Well, that's not exactly true, you can go home again but it may not be the way you remembered it.

That is certainly the case in 'The World's End' directed by Edgar Wright. Wright wrote the script with Simon Pegg, who also stars in the film.

The writers consider 'The World's End' to be the last in a trilogy; a follow up to 'Shaun of the Dead' and the cop buddy flick 'Hot Fuzz.'

The film starts out with a flashback. The year is 1990 and five high school friends, living in the English village of Newton Haven, attempt a 12 pu...