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Review: 'Two Jews On Film' Are Over The Top For 'Machete' (Video)

Two Jews On Film Two Jews On Film
September 24th, 2010 3:10pm EDT

'Machete' is co-written and directed by the always exciting Robert Rodriguez.  The film stars Danny Trejo as the title character in his first lead role, along with Robert DeNiro, Jessica Alba, Michelle Rodriquez, Lindsay Lohan, (as the pistol packing nun)Steven Seagal and Jeff Fahey.  'Machette' started out as a fake trailer in Quentin Tarrantino's film 'Grindhouse" It's violent, exciting, over the top and a super fun ride into the absurd.   Everyone plays it sincere and the film works. If you don't take it too seriously, you will have a blast watching 'Machette'.  In theaters now.  Mucho bagels for this one.    


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