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Thomas is currently a postgraduate student of literature at the University of St. Andrews. He enjoys music and golf in his spare time when he isn't writing. Tom completed his first novel in the summer of 2013 which was published at the start of this year. Next year he is hoping to start working for the University, continue his research, and keep writing as much as possible. Follow on Twitter @Tom_Andrews91

'Big Bang Theory' Season 8 Episode 4 Recap: The Hook-Up Reverberation

10/9/2014 9:37am EDT
The Double Date Couples
It's great to see a lot more of Raj finally this season!

The one-liners in this episode are certainly enough to make it worth the watch. Raj and his girlfriend Emily visited the group and things were great except for Emily's relationship with Penny...thanks to Raj's "relations" with Penny several seasons ago.

The honesty card was not so well played by Raj in this situation and the episode ended with a false hug and then the two girls exclaming "I hate her" on either side of the door so there's probably more to come on that in the future.

The several comments that Raj made throughout the...

'Family Guy' Season 13, Episode 2 Recap: 'The Book of Joe'

10/9/2014 7:13am EDT
'Family Guy' Season 13, Episode 2 Recap: 'The Book of Joe'
This episode had a lot of promise, but also a lot of recycled material...

If we wind the clocks back several seasons and remember Peter's attempt at writing a TV show with the ever-popular "Handy-Quacks" idea, then his involvement in Joe's writing career seems a little bit recycled on the part of the Family Guy writing staff. By the end of the episode when Peter tried to write his own sequel to Joe's book under the Pen name of David Chicago it seemed all too familiar.

It was, however, an enjoyable episode to watch for various individual laughs. This, as was mentioned in the season previ...

Howard's Pitch On 'The Big Bang Theory' - Season 8 Episode 3 Recap

9/30/2014 3:34pm EDT
Howard's Pitch On 'The Big Bang Theory' - Season 8 Episode 3 Rec
Howard's pitch idea looked awesome... for a few seconds.

After an episode of watching some pretty fantastic pitches not quite make it to the end of a gymnasium and the epic pulled shoulder from throwing an imaginary baseball on a Nintendo Wii, Howard's idea to throw the first pitch at the Angels' game using the Mars Rover prototype was awesome.

It was a shame that the rover was moving at roughly 1 meter per minute. Even that, though, was probably better than if he had tried to throw the first pitch properly; 60 feet and 6 inches is an awfully long way for a guy Howard's size.

The rest...

'Family Guy' Season 13 Premiere: 'The Simpsons Guy' Was A Little Weird

9/30/2014 3:11pm EDT
'Family Guy' Season 13 Premiere: 'The Simpsons Guy' Was A Little
That was... interesting.

The crossover episode between Family Guy and The Simpsons was an interesting idea that could have had a lot of promise - and before we get into it here, the episode was not bad by any means - it was just weird.

The writers at Family guy clearly made a huge effort to please The Simpsons` audience by proving on a number of occasions that The Simpsons has been a far more successful show for a lot longer than Family Guy. Even during the final 'fight scene' between Peter and Homer there was a direct reference to the awards literally being thrown in Peter's face by Hom...

Season 13 of Family Guy Starts this Weekend!

9/27/2014 6:28pm EDT
Season 13 of Family Guy Starts this Weekend!
Family Guy is back for a 13th season starting Sunday September 28th!

That’s right, Peter Griffin and everyone from Spooner Street will be back this fall for what promises to be another season filled with excellent cutaways and a return to some great narratives for each episode.

The opening episode for season 13 is an hour-long special entitled “The Simpsons Guy” whereupon Peter and the gang find themselves in Springfield for a long-awaited crossover episode between the two great shows. The majority of the voice-cast for The Simpsons will be contributing to what promises to be an excell...

'The Big Bang Theory' Is Back - Season 8 Episode 1&2 Recap

9/26/2014 12:37am EDT
'The Big Bang Theory' Is Back - Season 8 Episode 1&2 Recap
Well, The Big Bang Theory is back and has successfully slipped back into the routine of what have all come to expect from the show. Sheldon is now back in the mix after a crazy adventure with lots of trains, and Penny has been given an exciting new start as a PharmaGirl.

What we have seen so far:

Amy and Sheldon seem to be back on the same track despite Sheldon's 45 day absence to look at nothing but the insides of trains and train stations across the United States.

Stuart and Howard's Mom "DebDeb" are getting awfully close and it's hilarious to see how much it freaks Howard out tha...

Things You Need To Know For Season 8 Of 'The Big Bang Theory'

9/21/2014 5:00pm EDT
What To Know For Season 8 Of 'The Big Bang Theory'
With season 8 of Big Bang on it's way it's high time to look at the things we love about the show, what keeps everyone coming back year after year, and what makes the show so watchable 8 seasons in.

So far, The Big Bang Theory has been able to do several things that even the most successful shows on TV have been unable to do. Firstly, they have been able to keep the entire main cast for 7 great seasons and even bring in additional characters successfully without interrupting the fabric of the group - even if Sheldon would disagree. The introduction of Amy Farrah Fowler as a cast regular ...

5 TV Shows That Should Have Quit While They Were Ahead - And 3 That Left Us Wanting More

7/6/2014 10:00am EDT
5 TV Shows That Should Have Quit While They Were Ahead - And 3 T
The upcoming revival of NBC’s hit series, Community, headed by Joel McHale and Alison Brie makes room for a discussion of what the right time to call it quits for a TV show should be. The question should always be: is there still an audience for this, and has the premise of the show run its course?

There have been several shows in the last 20 years that have towed this line perfectly and ended the show while it was still on top. The hit series Friends from 1994-2004 is one of the perfect examples of this as the characters had all aged to a point that the show was no longer what it starte...