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Suzanne Rothberg ( is an entertainment columnist. She has interviewed many music legends such as Peter Frampton, Don Felder, Justin Hayward of The Moody Blues, Carl Palmer, Jim McCarty, Uriah Heep, Ritchie Blackmore, etc. She has written for and

Gentle Giant Re-issues ’74 Album ‘The Power And The Glory’

8/11/2014 12:30pm EDT
Gentle Giant press photo 1970s
British Progressive Rock band Gentle Giant fell off the radar when they switched labels to Columbia Records for their final LP, 'Civilian' a clear attempt to make the band sound more contemporary and more rock driven. The group finally realized that their time had come and gone and after their 1980 world tour promoting ‘Civilian’, Gentle Giant disbanded. They never reunited but their legacy, catalogue and videos of their performances will cement their place in the history of ‘Progressive Rock.’ To celebrate their success, they re-released their 1974 album, ‘The Power And The Glory.’ The alb...

Uriah Heep: New Album 'Outsider' is Addictive

8/11/2014 11:00am EDT
Uriah Heep: New Album 'Outsider' is Addictive
British rockers, Uriah Heep have a new album out, called, ‘Outsider’ and will be touring the support the album this fall beginning in late September.

Starpulse spoke with one of the founding members of the band, Mick Box regarding the new release and upcoming tour, the passing of their longtime bass player Trevor Bolder and what’s next on the band’s agenda. I found him to be very friendly and humble over the phone and talkative about the band’s history. He wrote most of Uriah Heep’s songs on the album with keyboardist, Phil Lanzon.

“The tour is still being worked out as far as the ...

Game Of Drones: Have The Paparazzi Gone Too Far?

8/9/2014 5:00pm EDT
You’ve heard about those ‘flying saucers’ that are capable of taking ‘aerial photography’ and are considered to be a violation of privacy to many celebrities. Still, paparazzi and news agencies use them to photograph celebrities' homes from the air.

It’s become a new trend that I like to call, ‘The Game of Drones!’ They are selling for huge amounts of cash on sites like Amazon and celebrities living in the Los Angeles area hate them like the plague! The paparazzi are using these devices more often to sell their photographs.

TMZ reported earlier this week that Kanye West fears electricutio...

It’s the Summertime Season for The Zombies

7/24/2014 11:00am EDT
It’s the Summertime Season for The Zombies
It’s the summer concert season and the timeless classic British band, The Zombies are hitting the road and coming to a venue near you for their 2014 American tour.

One of the stops along their journey will be The Paramount in Peekskill, NY on August 15.

Lead vocalist, Colin Blunstone spoke exclusively to Starpulse about the upcoming tour and other happenings with the band.

“We love coming to the states and playing and this will be our second trip this year—and it’s wonderful playing over there it’s just a great audience; we played in and around New York many times. When I arrive at a ven...

Queensryche Rocked Loud And Hard At Empire City

7/21/2014 4:43pm EDT
Queensryche's Todd LaTorre
Queensryche rocked loud and hard and mesmerized the audience on the Empire City Casino concert stage in Yonkers, NY on July 20 with their wailing guitar licks, vocals and entertaining on-stage antics. This was my first concert at this outdoor venue, and it was definitely worth it!

For lead vocalist, Todd LaTorre; he's not only filling the shoes of former lead singer Geoff Tate, he's finally living his dream as a full-fledged rock icon.

LaTorre aimed to please; encouraging audience participation by enticing them to a sing-along while belting out many of Queensryche’s classic hits, includin...

Queensryche Headlines Empire City Casino Summer Concert Series

6/20/2014 8:30am EDT
Queensryche is one of the classic rock bands you’ve seen on MTV in the 90s with their famous ballad, ‘Silent Lucidity’ from their commercially successful 1991 release, ‘Empire.’ They have sold 30 million albums worldwide and continue to play sold-out performances around the world. The current line-up is Michael Wilton (Guitar) Todd LaTorre (Vocals) Scott Rockenfield (Drums) Eddie Jackson (Bass) and Parker Lundgren (Guitar).

In an exclusive Starpulse interview, lead vocalist Todd LaTorre took time out from his busy schedule to speak with me by phone about the band’s upcoming concert at Empi...

City Under Siege: Buffalo’s Hip Trio Ready To Rock This Summer!

6/16/2014 8:30am EDT
City Under Siege: Buffalo’s Hip Trio Ready To Rock This Summer!
City Under Siege, the 20-something rock trio hailing from Buffalo, NY is rapidly gaining momentum from fans and critics with their new EP, 'Believe' and song, 'Love Like That.' All three members are scheduled to tour this summer. The line-up includes John Wittlinger, (lead vocalist, rhythm guitarist) Matt Buscarino (lead guitarist) and drummer-keyboards Ryan Wiesner. The band has been around for about four years.

Lead vocalist John Wittlinger spoke to me by phone about the band’s tour, their history, the band’s name and current projects.

“When I was in high school, I entered a bunch of po...

Nic Cage is in a ‘RAGE’

6/14/2014 4:00am EDT
Nicolas Cage is back to his famous tantrums and 'Cage-isms' in his new film, ‘RAGE’ (RLJ Entertainment) (originally known as ‘Tokarev’ but the name was changed); an action-suspense thriller about a reformed criminal (Paul McGuire); with a dark secret. He used to be a gangster who killed a man when he was 17 who he got into an altercation with years ago.

After Paul departs for a night out with his wife; (Rachel Nichols) and leaving the daughter in the house alone with two boys; Pete the detective (Danny Glover) tells Paul the bad news about his daughter missing. Paul recruits his old crew m...

Dark Star Orchestra Haunts The Halls at The Capitol Theatre

5/16/2014 11:30am EDT
Dark Star Orchestra
Dark Star Orchestra, (DSO) a renowned Grateful Dead cover band, will play old fan favorites of The Grateful Dead’s songs for two nights this weekend, at the landmark Capitol Theatre in Port Chester on May 16 and 17. The ghost of The Grateful Dead and lead singer, Jerry Garcia will be revived at the Cap, an historic venue with a unique history. Members of original band played several times and was known as the late Garcia’s favorite rock palace. Owner Peter Shapiro, a Grateful Dead fan, wanted to pay homage to the Dead and Garcia by turning it into a Dead Head paradise with photos and memori...

TMZ Bus Tour New York: See New York Celebrity Style

5/6/2014 10:45pm EDT
TMZ Tour bus
On May 2, I experienced one of the most popular tours in New York City, the TMZ Bus Tour, a hysterical spin-off tour based on the widely-successful entertainment tabloid TV show! I spoke with the tourists and our guide, Rob as I rode along to experience the adventure.

TMZ likes to call it the 'celebrity safari.' If you're a huge fan of the show, you'll already be familiar with the tour. It's all based on luck and timing whether you spot a celebrity. On this tour, we weren't so lucky and no celebrity wanted to be spotted that day! I guess it sucks being famous!

The tour began roaming throu...