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Stephanie Caldwell is a writer from Salt Lake City, Utah. She works for and is a huge movie and television fan. You'll usually find her sitting in front of the computer or on the couch.

'Bones' Cracks Skulls At The Roller Derby

2/5/2013 8:26pm EST
Who knew roller derby could be so brutal? Okay, we all knew, but not like this. Not all dismembered like, ya know?

It was a messy start to this week's episode of Bones on Fox Television. It's not every day that a dismembered roller derby competitor is discovered. Even for Bones this was a bit of a gory start, but I guess it kind of had to start this way if we were ever going to see Angela on a roller derby team.

That's right; Angela goes undercover as fresh meat into the world of hip-whips, jammers, helmet panties, and pivots. What's really fun for viewers of episodes like this one is get...

'Bones' Has A Twist In Its Plot

1/29/2013 2:52pm EST
I dare you to tell me there's a better way to start an episode of Bones than some geeks falling off their Segways into a pile of flesh-eating bugs devouring a human carcass. Oh, and thrown in for good measure is Daisy (Carla Gallo) working her first case since she and Sweets called it quits. Or, if you prefer like I do, Sweets agonizing over the prospect of inadvertently running into Daisy as he works this case.

Either way, it was a cracking good start to the episode, and that's all that matters!

On a more serious note, this episode starts off with a very interesting crime. The body fou...

'Bones,' Corpses, And Canopies 'Oh My!'

1/23/2013 3:47pm EST
When babies cry at night we wake up and take care of their needs. When they cry at night because a skinned corpse is hanging from the ceiling, we still wake up but WOW our heart is racing!

And so the new episode of Bones opens and Hodgins and Angela are immediately part of the action. The thought, of course, is Christopher Pelant (Andrew Leeds) is back with a vengeance. If you'll remember back just one season, Pelant (or Bassam Alfayat, if you prefer) is a serial killer who framed Bones for murder.

Pelant's character represents the worst of humanity but he's also brilliant, which makes hi...

'Bones' Is A Diamond In The Rough

1/17/2013 10:29am EST
After a six week hiatus—or should we say we haven't seen "Bones" since last year—our favorite forensics science show is finally back where it belongs: in your living rooms! In fact, it's back in a big way with a two-hour mid-season special as a way of saying, "Thanks for enduring without us during the college football bowl season."

From the very first scene, there's no question the hiatus is over.  Sweets (John Francis Daley) is watching a television reality show about ghost hunting when the hunter finds what looks to be one of the incredible apparitions imaginable: a jewel-encrusted cor...

'Bones': What to Expect During the 2nd Half of Season Eight

1/13/2013 11:08am EST
Like most of the best shows, "Bones" went on a holiday hiatus while the rest of the world indulged in fruitcake and put up with noisy relatives. Then, like the holidays themselves, TV schedules give way to getting back on a routine, meaning we go back to watching "Bones." And, just in case all of that holiday booze went to your head, here are some of the things to remember about the show before it went on break and what you can expect now that it's back.

The Ghost

The half-season's last episode wasn't the tongue in cheek flirty fare that we're used to when watching "Bones." Instead it w...

Dexter Puts A Wrap On Season Seven

12/17/2012 2:20pm EST
In an episode titled "Surprise Motherf*cker," there were, well, some surprises!

Looks like Hannah poisoned Debra after all. Based on last episodes evidence, I wasn't so sure. If you remember how last week ended, then it might be a bit of a surprise to find out Dexter is visiting Hannah in jail. I always thought sending Hannah to jail was the wrong thing to do. She knows way too much about Dexter to not use that to get herself out of jail.

Debra—perhaps this is why she's the Police Lieutenant—asks Dexter about his exact possibility. He says Hannah won't do that to him for the most obvious ...

Do You See What 'Dexter' Sees?

12/10/2012 1:38pm EST
Lemme just get this out of the way: This episode ended before it even got started. I was totally sucked into the story and what felt like about 20 minutes passed and then the end credits were rolling. Honestly, I hate when that happens. It leaves me hanging for longer than usual for the following week's episode.

Right out of the gate, the heat is on high and it's right beneath Dexter. Of course it's coming from retired police detective Tom Matthews and Captain LaGuerta. Matthews was asking him some very specific questions, which Dexter immediately recognized as a form of interrogation. T...

'Dexter' Gets All Dark And Whatever

12/3/2012 3:07pm EST
The "phantom" arsonist strikes again, killing three to start the episode, which means last week's random arsons weren't just story fodder. The casting department did a great job when they found actor Brett Rickaby as Fire Inspector Phil Bosso. He's creepy, he gets every arson investigation correct, and he's Dexter's prime suspect as the killer arsonist. A little cliché? Perhaps.

And, just in case the Hannah-Dexter story wasn't complicated enough, Hannah's dad Clint (Jim Beaver) shows up just after the opening credits, fresh out of prison. Dexter has his suspicions about the old boy, and he...

Dexter And Isaak See Eye To Eye

11/26/2012 2:30pm EST
Dexter Morgan (Season 7, episode 9
After such a strong episode last week and highly anticipating this week's installment, I may have unintentionally set myself up for a letdown. It's not that it was a bad episode, it just took a long time to come together, and much of what occurred between Dexter and Debra felt forced and unnatural.

In last week's episode, Debra told Dexter she was in love with him and felt like she pretty much has been her entire life. It was an awkward moment for both of them, and I'm sure at least a handful of viewers. Dexter tried to have a logical, Dexter-style conversation with her about it, but it ju...

'Dexter' Goes To Argentina

11/19/2012 3:43pm EST
Dexter and Hannah
The eighth episode of the season starts off with more steamy Dexter-Hannah action. I really love how this storyline has become prominent in the series. The tête-à-tête between the two, however, is about to come to a head, primarily because Debra wants her out of the way, Dexter style.

In the other primary storyline, Isaak is now out of jail, which is great for the series, and is now gunning, literally, for Dexter. He was able to shake his police escort in a way I truly dislike. The old "let's use a lookalike as a decoy" move is a little overused, and honestly cops aren't that dumb.

One ...