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"American Idol" Completes Top 20

Sherrill Fulghum Sherrill Fulghum
3/1/2013 12:40am EST

It's the final sudden round on “American Idol” and by the end of the night the top 20 singers will have been chosen. Beginning next week in a three night event the fans take over the voting duties to first choose the top 10 and later the winner of season 12.

Song choice and taking chances were the theme of the night.

Mathenee got the night started out with the performance of an Elvis Presley song that Nicki called not current and karoake; all of the judges simply noted Mathenee's powerful voice.

The Turbinator Gurpreet gave a performance that the judges felt was lacking and wanted to see Gurpreet perform with his guitar. Gurpreet promised that if he made it through he would not only bring out the guitar but infuse some Indian music as well.

Vincent the worship leader gave a perforamnce that had Keith saying, “preach on brother Vincent,” and Randy proclaiming the competiton had finally started.

Nick's perforamnce brought some mixed views from the judges with some loving the tone and timber of his voice but other saying that it was not his best performance and they were looking for “a moment” and connectivity.

After surviving singing for his life last week, Josh took a big risk this week performing an original song that he had written after Hollywood week. He began his perforamnce at the piano but did not stay there which left all of the judges saying that they wanted Josh to stay at the piano. Mariah said that she was glad to see the positivie response from the audience.

Worship lead David took a chance on a new rendition of an old song when he sang “Fever” while he played the guitar. While David took us to church, the judges called the perfoemance not current, a little boring, and the wrong song choice.

Hawaiian born Bryant sang “New York State of Mind” in a perforance the judges called a good song choice with a beautiful voice but not all of the judges liked the perfoemance; Nicki onlly liked the last note and Randy liked just the first half of the song.

Burnell had the crowd screaming at the end of his perfoemance and Nicki was ready to pay for a concert ticket right then and there.

Lazaro took a chance by performing a song written by one of the judges – Keith Urban – but Keith and Randy didn't feel it was the right song choice; while Nicki praised Lazaro for being himself.

Cortez ended the night with his version of “Titanium” that Keight called bold and brave. The judges were varied in their comments ranging from pitchy to really hitting the high notes and making good choices.

There were no deadlocked votes and Jimmy Iovine was not needed. After their deliberations David, Bryant, Methanee, and Josh all got nos from the judges but Vincent, Lazaro, Cortez, and Brunell all received yes votes leaving New York friends Gurpreet and Nick as the last two singers to fill only one spot.

The last singer in the top 20 was Nick sending Gurpreet home.

Idol returns on Tuesday with the top 10 girls performing for fan votes.

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