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It's Hollywood Week for the Girls on "American Idol"

Sherrill Fulghum Sherrill Fulghum
2/14/2013 12:43am EST

This week on “American Idol” it's the girls turn to have a go at Hollywood week, solo performances, and the famous group round.

Hollywood week always promises some drama; but with only the girls this week was filled with drama, tears, and frustration.

One hundred and sixty two girls made the trip to Hollywood but only 20 would survive the week and move on to the top 20 and the live shows.

Like the guys Hollywood week began with groups of 10 and solo a cappella performances. At the end of the round 76 of the 162 survived to move on to the group round.

The group round is always a challenge for the singers but this time around the rules had changed when the producers chose the groups. The groups had a list of only 20 songs to choose from but for some groups choosing from just those 20 proved to be a big challenge. And for some things did not improve as personalities clashed and others had “more important” things on their minds like food and sleep rather than rehearsing and learning the words.

Learning a single 90 second song in one night has always proved to be an interesting event for the groups; but this season it proved to be more than some groups could handle with girls writing lyrics on their hand in hope of getting through the song and moving on to the finals solo round. Along with the lyrics, the groups had to include harmonies and add some choregraphy to the performance.

Nicki was very entertained by one groups performance calling tgheir messing up enjoyable; while calling another performance painful.

The morning of the gropu performances began with only three judges; Randy was in the studio and made it to the theater later in the day. His fellow judges were pleased to see Randy when he had finally arrived.

By the end of the day all 19 groups had performed and must face one final solo performance before learning who would be in the top 20.

On Thursday the remaining girls will sing and the top 20 guys and top 20 girls will be revealed.

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