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It's Hollywood Week on "American Idol"

Sherrill Fulghum Sherrill Fulghum
2/7/2013 12:24am EST

This week on “American Idol” the singers move on to Hollywood hoping to make to the show. But not all of the singers who auditioned were present in Hollywood – only the guys were auditioning this week, the girls will have their turn next week.

And one other singer missing from Hollywood was singing veteran Matt who claimed he had been injured in Iraq. As it turns out the story was not true.

For round one the singers were brought on stage in groups of 10 to perform a cappella solos. Once each of the 10 singers had performed, they would learn their fate.

When round one came to an end only half of the singers had survived to move on to the group round.

Knowing that the guys were going to have to perform in groups, some of the singers began forming their own groups only to learn that the producers were going to throw them a twist.

The producers chose the groups themselves. The groups had 20 songs to choose from and they had to include some choreography to go with the songs.

The groups were scattered all about the building in every spot they could find...including the restroom.

When it came time for each group to perform, they did so with the Idol band.

Returning Idol audition singers Johnny and David made it through the first solo and group rounds to move on to round three.

Some groups forgot the words to their songs, despite not having a lot of words; but still managed to get passed through. Nicki even told one group that getting her out of her seat was more important than remembering the words to the songs.

On Thursday's show the remaining singers will perform a second solo and by the end of the night only 20 of them will survive.

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