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The Artists Get Sweet on "Face Off"

Sherrill Fulghum Sherrill Fulghum
2/6/2013 12:44am EST

This week on “Face Off” the eleven remaining artists face two more challenges as the artists try to break the hold fellow artist Anthony has on the top spot each week.

First up the artists meet host McKenzie Westmore at the Federal Bar for a foundation challenge – to turn a lady into the bearded man in the circus. The winner of the foundation challenge earns immunity from elimination in the spotlight challenge. The best looks were from Alex and Eric Z with Eric Z. taking the win and the immunity.

When the artists entered the lab they discovered a great deal of candy; McKenzie announced to t

artists walk into the lab to see the room filled with candy-

spotlight challenge-original candy character or creature-must use candy and treats in the lab

artists munch on some of the candy

he artists that their spotlight challenge would be to use some of the candy in their creation of an original candy character.

McKenzie made a visit to the lab with her dad Michael Westmore for their weekly mentoring session.

As the artists worked many of them were happy with their progress and were making good use of the time; but Jenna and Autumn were having difficulties with their characters. Autumn was having trouble sculpting the right face; while Jenna continued to have problems with her hands and her manaquin tore while she was taking it out of the mold.

Eric F. discovered that the mold for his creation weighed 250 pounds! Just before it was time to go out on stage, Eric discovered that his glutonous gummy character was stuck to the floor.

Judges Glenn Hetrick, Ve Neill, and Nevvile Page were joined by special guest judge artist Will Cotton at the judges table this week.

After the reveal and close looks, McKenzie revealed that Eric Z., Eric F., Meagan, Wayne, and Anthony were safe. With Anthony being listed among the safe artists, it ensured that there wold be a new winner for the spotlight challenge this week.

The remaining artists made up the best and worst looks for the week. The judges remarked that...

Alam's character had a toy quality to it, that she did a great job intergrating the candy, had a smart costume, and was a cohesive package. Will said that it was the only character he would consider painting.

Jenna had no cand in her makeup, it didn't feel like she accomplished much of the challenge, didn't make smart decisions, and continued to make weekly mistakes.

Alex had difficulty with her appli', had technical problems, and the judges didn't know what she had done with her time.

Kris had the most anatomically believable character, did a lot of work, the judges loved the concept; and felt he had the most well done makeup.

House had a big mouth in his model's midsection that she could move, the judges called it a great concept, a show stopper, and the best depiction of gluttony they had ever seen.

For Autumn the judges said that most of what she tried did not work and that she was in trouble when the best part of the character was her costume. Her bear looked more like a cat and her creation was wrought with techincal issues.

Alam, House, and Kris had the best looks of the week with Kris taking the win.

Jenna, Alex, and Autumn had the worst looks of the week.

The eliminated artist on week four of “Face Off” is...


Next week two are better than one – heads that is.

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