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"American Idol" Goes Big in Texas and CA

Sherrill Fulghum Sherrill Fulghum
1/31/2013 1:56am EST

This week the Idol audition train makes two stops for its Wednesday program. First up was the historic Texas town of San Antonio where the od west returned with banditos, Mexican singers, bad attitudes, and heavenly sounds.

The auditons started off with a return visit from Vincent Powell who made it all the way through Hollywood week last season before being cut; and this time around he again earned himself a golden ticket for Hollywood.

The good sounds turned bad when brothers Derek and David attempted to auditon – badly – and then proceeded to argue with the judges over the comments insisting that they were good.

Savannah and Cristabel helped to brighten up the day earning themselves four yeses from the judges. Ann was nominated online by her husband and he got to stand beside her as the judges rendered four yes votes for a golden ticket to Hollywood.

Choosing to first not perform her specialty of Mariachi music, Victoria sang a second song and this time it was a Mariachi song that won her a ticket to Hollywood.

Once the bad clip banditos were run out of town, Papa Peachez split the panel with the girls saying yes and the guys saying no despite Nicki thinking he was a super star. Randy had the tie breaking vote in San Antonio and although he felt that Papa Peachez could benefit from some singing lessons, he changed his vote to yes; giving Papa a ticket to Hollywood.

Nicki said that Sanni's audition of a Michael Jackson song was well orchestrated. The son of African parents didn't just stand and sing he moved as he sang and gave a performance, making the song his own. Sanni earned four yeses for his efforts.

The final San Antonio audition was from a rather excited Adam who shocked the judges and got four yeses for his work.

On to Long Beach, California and the luxury liner the Queen Mary. The morning started with just the guys. Nicki had a prior commitment for a rehearsal of the American Music Awards but no one knows what has happened to Mariah.

But the auditons go on with Shubha; and even though the guys struggled with her name she still got yeses from Randy and Keith.

Mariah finally arrives after being stuck in traffic with the words that they don't have that kind of a problem with traffic in New York.

After being told he should audition for Idol, Brian gets his chance; but it was clear the producer had nothing to do with music and Brian's bad audition only got him no votes.

Matt, an Iraqi veteran, brought his three year old daughter with him and while she stole the judges hearts for being cute, Dad stole their hearts with his performance earning him yeses from all three judges.

But cute left the ship with Matt and his daughter with the arrival of Stephanie. Saying that she was in a band and admittedly not the typical Idol contestant. Her audition was unrecognizable screaming and jumping around. Randy urged her to move on out the door.

Her rehearsal over, Nicki finally arrives.

While performing her audition an alarm suddenly sounds that turns out to be a fire alarm and the ship was cleared. Later when the auditions could resume Jesaiah was allowed to complete her audition. The 16 year old received four yeses from the judges and a ticket to Hollywood.

While touring the lower decks of the ship, Ryan said that reportedly the ship is haunted. As Ryan tours the lower decks, some of the auditioners her haunting the judges with their bad singing efforts.

Day one of the Idol auditions on the Queen Mary ended with Micah who had suffered a speech impediment after nerve damage during tonsil surgery; but once he started singing the room was filled with a beautiful heavenly voice. The surprised judges had glowing comments and a unanimous yes to Hollywood for Micah.

Day two begins on time and all judges present with Rachel whom Randy said could win the happy award. Her performance of “People Get Ready” earned her four yes votes from the judges.

Sixteen year old Briana's family watched from the door way as she performed her audition. Once she had finished singing all Nicki could say was wow. The judges gave Briana four yeses and a ticket to Hollywood.

The final audition on the Queen Mary was Mattheus who although short had a big voice. Before he auditioned Mattheus asked if there was a height requirement for Idol; Randy answered only talent. Once he had finished singing Randy said that he though Mattheus was 10 feet tall. Mattheus earned his golden ticket to Hollywood.

In all 50 singers won themselves a golden ticket to Hollywood aboard the Queen Mary.

On Thursday Idol travels to Oklahoma – the home of Idol winner Carrie Underwood – to search for more singing talent.

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